Thick vinyl siding resists sagging.
Thick vinyl siding resists sagging.

Vinyl is one of the most popular materials which are used for making wall sidings. Vinyl is an excellent choice when it comes to making wall sidings for any kind of property, may it be residential, commercial or agriculture. There are three different kinds of panels of vinyl siding for all these three kinds of properties. Vinyl siding is basically differentiated into two different grades. Both these grades are differentiated by their thickness and their cost. The thicker grade of vinyl siding is more costly and the thinner grade of vinyl siding is cheaper than the other one. The thicker grade of vinyl siding is also called the builder’s grade. This grade is called so because builders prefer working with this grade of vinyl siding. In most cases it is recommended to use this grade of vinyl siding only because this grade will be able to protect the house walls better as compared to the thinner one.

The thicker layer will be able to withstand all the externals effects and prevent the house from any external factors outside the house walls. Another reason for opting for the thicker grade of vinyl siding is that the thickness of these panels prevents them for sagging from the walls over time. Vinyl siding is a very strong and durable option. This is the only reason why siding made up of vinyl siding is the ultimate choice of a lot of customers. It is very easy to handle. The installation process of vinyl siding is very easy.

Also the whole maintenance of this material is very low. Which means that once you have installed vinyl siding in your house you s not have to worry about it for years. Vinyl is a long lasting material because it is made up of PVC. This is the reason why vinyl is used for roofing as well as siding purposes. Apart from the width, the length is also a very important factor. Vinyl sidings are drawn from vinyl sheets. Parts of certain dimension are isolated from the vinyl sheet and then these parts are converted into siding panels. You can get vinyl siding panels of each and every size you want. You can get the vinyl siding sheets of the exact size that you want.

Vinyl Siding Thickness

Seek an expert for proper installation

The thickness of vinyl siding panels varies with a lot of factors. With the thickness of the vinyl siding increasing, the other products that are needed for installation will also alter. Which means that to install this thicker grade of vinyl siding you would need expert advice. That is why it is recommended that you take help of professionals in such topics. After all this is a one-time investment in your house. Depending upon the thickness of the vinyl siding panels the other products like supplies, equipment and material used in installation will also differ.

Vinyl Siding Dimensions

The dimensions of all kinds of vinyl siding and its products vary with every house. Every house walls will have a different dimension. Each house will have a different need. On the basis of this need you will analyze which grade of vinyl siding is suitable for which kind of property. There is no fixed length or width of any kind of vinyl siding or its products.


We have discussed about vinyl siding. We have discussed that there are different grades of vinyl siding available in the market. These grades are classified and differentiated on the basis of their thickness. The thickness will decide about the cost of these two grades of vinyl siding too.


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