Siding is this fun to install.
Siding is this fun to install.

Vinyl siding is the wall covering of the sides of your house. It is basically used for decorating your house and also for weather proofing your walls. It is primarily manufactured by Poly vinyl chloride (PVC) and is an engineered product. Vinyl siding not only provides good looks to your house but also free you from the maintenance cost. Many people invest huge amount in painting of the walls and also in its maintenance. But by installing vinyl siding you are free with such costs. Maintenance of vinyl siding is very less as compared to paint of your house. Vinyl siding not only saves the cost of painting but also gives your house a different look. Vinyl siding comes with many different colours in the market. With the many colours, you have so many options to decorate your house. But before installing the vinyl siding, just make sure you first prepare your mind for the look that will come with vinyl siding.

House vinyl siding cost

House vinyl siding cost varies according to the square foot and also the quality you have opted for installation. The average price of installation of vinyl siding is 3$ to 7$ per foot. Vinyl siding materials cost depends on the quality of material you want to install. Basically there are three types of materials available in the market. Premium quality vinyl siding, Economic quality vinyl siding and cheap vinyl siding. You can actually differentiate the 3 qualities by the thickness of vinyl siding. The more the thickness the more is the quality of vinyl siding. Less thick vinyl siding usually cracks and gets damaged in extreme weather. So premium quality vinyl siding mostly has more thickness than the standard thickness. Thickness of vinyl siding varies from 0.035″ to 0.052″. Thickness ranging 0.040″ and above is considered as good quality vinyl siding which can handle weather conditions.

Vinyl side costing

Vinyl siding pricing depends on the manufacturers. Price of material is almost same in the market and changes only when manufacturer is a brand or is offering specialized product in the market. Installation cost of vinyl siding varies too much in market. Installation actually is very important and has given priority after the material. The durability and strength of material only comes with proper installation.

Insulated vinyl siding cost

In this article you can get a rough idea about the Insulated vinyl siding prices. There are actually 3 items in which you have to invest in. First the material, Second the labour and third the supplies, tools or if you have opted for a contractor then you can skip second and third step. Material cost if you buy quantity let say is 523 sq ft then it can be as low as 1600$ and can be as high as 2400$. Labour for a day means 13 working hours which means cost of the same varies from 500$ to 600$. And with the material and labour tools you required will cost you around 270$ to 320$. So before going for personal installation just estimate the cost of these three in your city. Compare it with contractor and then opt for the one which seems economical to you. With the region price of vinyl siding too varies but moreover remains the same.


Vinyl siding installation is an economic option if you stay in extreme weather conditions. With vinyl siding maintenance cost is less when compared with painting of walls. Vinyl siding just have one con that it is not environmental friendly as it is a plastic product. Not being an environmental friendly product then too many people have started opting for the same.


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