Siding is an important part of our house. It plays a crucial role not only in safeguarding the house but adding an extra decorative look to the house as well. In case of vinyl siding one can say it adds up an extra luxurious look despite paying a lower cost. If correct material in accordance to the environment is used then one can dump worries regarding his house for years.

Insulated vinyl siding is the most durable type of vinyl siding.
Insulated vinyl siding is the most durable type of vinyl siding.

We often learn that durability of vinyl siding act as a permanent thing. Perhaps it’s true but in some cases truth is something different. Durability is what amount of pressure and weight a material can withstand. The areas which are regularly hit by storms and tornado have the least of vinyl. It is because the flying debris and broken pieces can puncture the vinyl layer. Hence the particular portion has to be changed. Vinyl is actually polyvinyl chloride which is proven quality for its durability.

Vinyl siding advantages and disadvantages

The use of vinyl first came in 1950’s. Since then, with the growing manufacturing technology use of vinyl has flourished. Vinyl can be used for replicating architectural shapes and monuments. It comes in various shades, colors, texture, size and different other accessories.


  • Durability- its ability to withstand high temperature and high pressure created in some areas makes it fit for the use. Even if damage appears then the replacement of that portion is also easy.
  • Easy installation- as availability of vinyl is on a larger side, the installation is also easy. It is light in weight and can be put up on the existing material as well.
  • Cost effective- despite being largely used, cost of vinyl is low as compared to the cost of other siding material like metal, stone, wood etc.
  • Warranty- some suppliers and manufacturers even provide with life time warranty.
    It withstand dirt, it is much easier to clean vinyl siding as compared to wood or bricks. Even after years vinyl retain its color and texture unlike the other sidings.

Disadvantages of vinyl siding

Although vinyl siding has a number of uses but it lags behind in giving an additional look, i.e. once installed it can’t be repainted or redesigned. One more drawback of vinyl is that it is a carcinogenic material. It is made of polyvinyl chloride, on burning gives poisonous fumes in case of house fire and while the manufacturing of it as well. The poisonous fumes are not environment friendly. Some more disadvantage of vinyl siding is that while having a barbeque near vinyl, it can melt. When vinyl siding is improperly installed, water can pass through the membrane and could deteriorate the interiors.

Vinyl siding vs wood

Wood gives a natural look to the interior as well as exterior of the house. Though they have comparable qualities but in some cases wood seems to be better option. Vinyl can be converted into any form of siding and can be given any texture whereas wood to be used is based on its availability. Vinyl, being the least expensive siding material wood costs much. And most important vinyl is a carcinogenic material. In case of house fire, releases poisonous fumes which can take lives of people trapped inside the house before other fumes like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide could take.

How is vinyl siding made

Vinyl siding mainly consists of a base material known as PVC, i.e. polyvinyl chloride. PVC is present generally in the form of plastic. Vinyl siding includes various color combinations, impact modifiers, stabilizers, resins and dyes. Two layers of PVC are laid on extrusion mechanism for process. When the PVC is prepared it is poured into various moulds of different size and shapes. Impact modifiers prevent the siding from cracking whereas the stabilizers make the siding smooth and shiny.


As discussed above, vinyl sidings are durable except only in some cases. They can be widely used over other siding material. Best thing about vinyl siding is that it can be recycled. Advantages of vinyl siding are not so questionable but exceptions are always present. And we also have discussed the preparation process. Cladding is another term used in place of siding.


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