siding_pageVinyl siding is made of plastic and is used for covering the sides of your houses. They have now gradually started getting success in the market. It is not so environment friendly but then too has gained huge market in today’s world. Vinyl siding have not only gained market, but also have given satisfaction of less maintenance to people. Vinyl siding is now the best option available in the market to avoid painting and maintenance of your house for many years. Although vinyl siding is not environmental friendly but as it is easy and cheap to install, many people have come ahead with the installation of the same.

Vinyl siding dimensions

Vinyl siding dimensions depends on the company standards. Different manufactures make different size of vinyl siding. Thickness of the vinyl siding also depends on the quality you have opted for. Standard vinyl siding dimension is 0.040″. It is the builder’s grade thickness. Basically thickness of vinyl siding varies up to range of 0.035″ to 0.052″. Less the thickness, less is the quality and more the thickness, more better is the quality. So 0.052″ thick vinyl siding is the highest grade product commonly. Also quality too varies from manufacturers to manufacturers. Thickness in terms of quality can vary up to 0.010″ in the products offered by single manufacturer. There are various products lines from basic to premium. Premium products of vinyl siding has the accurate thickness and also posses the best quality.

Vinyl siding basically comes in 3 different dimensions. Options available in width are 8 inches, 9 inches, and 10 inches with length of 120 inches, 144 inches, and 150 inches respectively. You can choose your siding dimensions according to the need of your house. Dimensions are designed accordingly so as to fit maximum standards houses. With the three options available in the market, being in contact with contractor you can decide the size which can best fit your house.

Tips for installing vinyl siding

Three points to be kept in mind

  1. Every thick vinyl siding does not possess good quality; you actually have to be in touch with the manufacturer for guarantee of the quality. Also you too can learn how to choose better quality in vinyl siding.
  2. Vinyl siding does not suits on all houses. Before installing just get a rough look of your house in your mind. If you are sure that you will like the appearance with vinyl, you can go for the same.
  3. Proper installation too plays an important role in durability of the vinyl siding. If not properly installed, company too won’t take guarantee for sidings. You need a professional to install the same because with the proper installation life span too will increase of the same.


Vinyl siding comes in various dimensions. Dimensions depend on the manufacturer and also on the quality you have opted for. More the thickness of the vinyl siding more is the quality but you cannot always judge the quality of siding with the thickness. You should contact the manufacturer for the best quality. With the premium products you mostly get more thickness. Less thick vinyl siding mostly by being in contact with exterior weather gets tampered. So durability of less thick vinyl siding is less. Vinyl siding products which are of high quality mostly has thickness more than standard thickness. Also length and width of vinyl siding comes in many options. Choosing what length and width of vinyl siding you have to install, typically depends on type of your house. You can also contact professionals for the same.


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