Vinyl is more like plastic. The siding made of vinyl is known as vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is drawn out form a sheet of vinyl. There are many patterns and textures that can be dawn out of these vinyl sheets. They can be drawn into shakes, siding patterns, shingles etc. Vinyl shakes are very largely and popularly used as a siding option both of residential and commercial buildings and properties. Vinyl shakes give a very attractive look to the house. Shakes are basically rectangular pieces of vinyl sheeting and are placed in vertical manner in the form of layers. This pattern gives a very attractive look to the house walls it is installed on. Vinyl shakes are available in different sizes and a lot of colors.

Vinyl shake siding looks just like real wood siding but costs a lot less and requires virtually no maintenance.
Vinyl shake siding looks just like real wood siding but costs a lot less and requires virtually no maintenance.

Vinyl shakes can also vary in composition across different manufacturers and different companies. Apart from shakes, shingles are also made out of vinyl sheets. Vinyl shingle siding also gives a very attractive look when it is installed on the walls of any property. Vinyl shingles are also available in different color and textures. The basic idea of shingles and shakes are different mainly because of their shape. Otherwise since both of them are made up of vinyl, they will carry the pros and cons of a vinyl sheet only.

Taking a note on the Vinyl Shake Siding Cost

The cost of vinyl shake siding will vary with respect to color, texture and material. Different companies have their own costs. The costs can be different across various brands and countries. There is absolutely no fixed trend when it comes to the cost of a vinyl shake siding. There are numerous variations in the cost of vinyl shake siding in different parts of the world.

Vinyl Shake Siding Cost Comparison

Vinyl Shake Siding cost comparison can be done between different brands. Different companies and manufacturers sell their own vinyl shingle and vinyl shake siding I different prices. Even if the prices are not different at the manufacturer or the company level, the dealers and distributers can provide any kind of elevation that they want to the prices of different vinyl siding. The overall cost and the price comparisons of different brands of vinyl siding also include the prices of installation, material, supplies, equipment and labor. All these elements contribute to the overall pricing of vinyl sidings of different brands.

vinyl cedar shake siding cost

Cedar is a kind of wood which is very popular because it is available in abundance. Cedar is popularly used for furniture, ceilings, flooring, roofs and house sidings. Cedar wood is combined with different elements to form a wide range of products related to roofs, sidings, furniture, flooring, ceiling, etc. cedar wood is here combined with vinyl to create wall sidings out of it. Vinyl cedar shake siding is created with the combination of both the materials. The cost of this product will also vary cross brands and manufacturers.
Sometimes cedar has to be imported and then the cost of siding rises up. The vinyl cedar shake siding price is different in different parts of the world. The cedar impressions cost per square are also different across different manufacturers. The cost of cedar wood can change any time and this will affect the overall price of the vinyl cedar shake siding.


We have discussed about vinyl shake siding. We have also discussed about the overall cost of vinyl shake siding and vinyl shingle siding cost. The price of vinyl cedar shake siding must be well known before actually planning to install them just to keep the budget right. The price of cedar impressions per square in a sheet of vinyl cedar shake siding must also be calculated.


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