vertical vinyl sidingVinyl is a very popular material in the construction industry. It is used in a large number of products in this industry. Vinyl resembles plastic in a lot of aspects. Vinyl provides the shine and gives the roof a lustrous look just like plastic. The basic components of vinyl and plastic are same; however both the materials are entirely different from each other. Vinyl is commonly used for roofing, siding and their products. There are many types of vinyl siding products in the market today. Types of vinyl siding products are contemporary vinyl siding, Modern Vinyl siding, insulated vinyl siding, etc. with that vinyl siding is further classified into grades. There are two different grades of vinyl siding. Both the grades of vinyl siding are different from each other in terms of thickness and in terms of cost. The thicker the vinyl siding, the more will be the cost. Vinyl is an excellent weatherproofing option.

This is the reason why it is preferred over plastic in the first place. Vinyl is a very durable and strong material. Vinyl is basically a decorative material. It enhances the show of your house and makes it look very attractive from the outside. There are many colors in each category of vinyl siding. With that there are different styles of vinyl siding available in the market. Further there is another kind of vinyl siding, which is known as the vertical vinyl siding. This siding is installed vertically on the sides of your residential or commercial property. This vertical siding is just the ordinary vinyl siding that we use, but it is just installed vertically on the sides of the property.

Total Vertical Vinyl siding Cost and Installation

The total cost of vertical vinyl siding includes the cost of labor, supplies, material, equipment etc. The total cost of vinyl siding will cover all the aspects of the whole installation process of the sidings. Getting all the necessary equipment to install the vinyl siding to set up the whole construction and the labor to install the siding is tough plus to accumulate all the material and supplies are also required to be arranged. All these things contribute to the total cost of the Vinyl siding. The vertical vinyl siding is easy to install and thus it is not a lengthy process.

Professional help for installation

It is highly recommended that you take help of professionals rather than fitting the siding by yourself. Even if it costs you some more bucks to do this, you must go for it. Because all getting a siding installed is just a one- time investment. After you get your siding installed you do not have to look at it for years. This is the reason it is recommended that you plan your budget accordingly and get it done nicely so that you do not have to get bothered for the next few years. Vertical vinyl siding is a very low maintenance product. It requires absolutely no maintenance.

Vertical Vinyl Siding Price

There are many colors and many patterns to choose from when you talk about vertical vinyl siding. Since it gives a very attractive look to the exterior of your house, you should expect the price to be a little overboard, but to mention it is totally going to be worth it. The cost of vinyl siding is per square foot.


We have discussed about the types of vinyl siding that is available in the market. We have also discussed about the factors that contribute to the total cost of the vertical vinyl siding. It is recommended to calculate them all before planning for the installation.

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