Roof replacement is an arduous task, isn’t it? Ask any home or building owner and the overwhelming response agreement shouldn’t be a surprise. It costs a princely sum to do a townhouse roof replacement professionally. However it is equally difficult to give accurate roofing costs because of a plethora of factors that have to be considered. Repairs are of different sizes, designs and timelines. Some things take longer and others, surprisingly short. Never the less an experienced and professional roofer will always offer the best service and trade price that essentially covers the labor price and material costs

Roofing contractors

photo of town house
Popular with new families, townhouses are a good stepping stone to a single family home.

These are the experts that can specify to a home or building owner about the average cost to replace a roof effectively. Roofing prices are firstly dependent on the property location, with suburb and business segments always costing more in comparison to the residential areas. Additionally these individuals will explicitly explain the costing through material quantities required, roof height, location and accessibility.

Estimating a new roof

Roofers often use house building plans to calculate the area to be covered and include a slightly increased area allowance in case of breakages. Materials to be used should be worked out correctly and accuracy because of differences in size of the equipment that will be required for roof replacement.

Factors affecting a replacement cost

Factors that affect a roofing replacement cost include; roofing size which consequently affects replacement costs. The size of the building or home can be derived by working on the total area covered within the house’ building plans. Roofers usually charge the replacement per square feet measuring 10-by-10-foot area (100 square feet). Also, another pricing variable is the roof’s slope or pitch. Some roofs have no pitch whereas others either posses a high or even low pitch which then determines the level replacement work and therefore price as a result.

The type of roofing material needed for replacement also matters because of the durability and size of material to be purchased. Material such as asphalt is most affordable roofing option in comparison to wood, slate, tile and metal. For example an asphalt estimate for property sitting on 1,200-square-foot is comparatively lower to that of metal that goes for a higher sum. Additionally, the cost of replacing a roof is dependent on water damage. It cannot be determined without a roofer examining the underlying roof deck. Chimneys and skylights also add on to the overall math because roofers have to work around the structures making the work slightly more difficult.

Some of the materials that might be required in a replacement cost include, a high quality insulation membrane, nails, roof tiles, milled lead flashing and sundries, ladders and some extra equipment. Within the complexity of a roofing restructure, good roofing contractors should always check for a broken tile or slipped slates, disconnected guttering and some time broken or loose pipe joints.

Hiring a roofer

Home and business owners should always strive to evaluate whether the firm and its workers are insured and licensed. Roofers should always provide copies of insurance to avoid any damages and losses that might be incurred at the firm’s cost. Good roofers should also be able to decipher local building codes that always revolve on rules regarding underlay or the type of shingles to be used within a property location.

To easily recruit one, make requests for roof replacement bids from registered firms and companies after which lower prices can be qualified. However be careful not to substitute value for a low price.


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