A flat roof is the most commonly seen roof all around the world. According to climatic conditions prevalent in different parts of the world, a flat roof is of different utility. Places which have a moderately hot climate like the Arab Countries are the places where these kinds of roofs are mostly seen. These are very simple roofs and made up of very minimal material. The material which is used to build a house is the same material which is used to build this roof. There is no need for any special kind of material to make this roof. However sealing this roof is important. Sealing here would mean coating the flat roof with a material which will make it water and heat resistant. There are many flat roof coatings types available in the market so you can research or consult a professional for choosing the best roof sealer for flat roof’s.

Guide to Sealing a flat Roof

Sealing a flat roof is easy and can be done in a weekend.
Sealing a flat roof is easy and can be done in a weekend.

As we have discussed flat roofs are strong and durable enough on their own. But for them to be heat and water resistant they should be coated with liquid rubber roof coating. Coating your own flat roof with liquid rubber will enable it to provide protection against harmful UV rays and harsh weather conditions. Sealing your flat roof is not as difficult as you think. You can do it absolutely by yourself here in saving the labor cost. Here is how you seal your flat roof.

  1. First of all look for a good sunny day. Sealing is not at all recommended in the rainy season and unexpected rains can ruin all your hard work at once. So it is advised if you seal your flat roof in the summer season.
  2. Then next up you must clean the whole roof. Also you must get rid of any holes or tears on the roof. If you have any holes or tears you must take help of a Caulking gun to get rid of them.
    Next up you should remove all patches of previous applied material or any other material with the help of a scraper.
  3. Then you must sweep the whole roof and remove all the dead leaves, debris and dirt with the help of a broom.
  4. Then next up you must clean the roof with soapy water.
  5. Then mix up the liquid rubber in a bucket of water using a mixer attachment or a drill whatever is available.
  6. Then use a paint brush to apply the liquid rubber in the desired perimeter of the roof. You can also use a roller for applying the liquid rubber on the surface of your flat roof.
  7. After applying one coat of the liquid rubber by using the brush, spill the rest of the mixture on the roof, then spread the mixture evenly with the help of a roller or a squeeze.
  8. Cover the entire roof with this procedure and then allow the the coating applied on the roof to dry for a considerable amount of time.

The best way to seal flat roof

The best and the most economical way to seal a flat roof is by using the liquid rubber coating. This coating is highly water and heat resistant. Coating of this material will help the roof to stand strong in any kind of climate. When you reseal your flat roof after the whole house has been made, this is done for waterproofing flat concrete roof. Also you can use the flat roof repair paint in the resealing process.


We have discussed about a flat roof, its importance and how it is initially made. Also we have discussed step wise about how to seal your flat roof. This guide can help you solve all your sealing requirements and also will help you to choose the exact type of sealing that is appropriate.


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