Some tools are so basic and important to the roofing industry that these tools should be combined or covered in every inventory of the roof contractors. Given below is a roofing tools and equipments list of the elemental equipment, residential and commercial roofing tools and the distinguished and appropriate items needed for performing certain tasks.

General equipments (Roofing tools list)

  • You'll need the right tools for the job to install roofing properly.
    You’ll need the right tools for the job to install roofing properly.

    Ladder (30 feet to 40 feet) – It is used to get the access to the roof. One must select the most heavy duty and stable model they can get. Do not be cheap or frugal about your or your employees’ safety.

  • Hard Hats- It is used for protecting the head and it is usually needed when you are working on a newly constructing site. Many industries need that hard hats should be worn by the crew in all the areas of plant manufacturing. One must make sure to get the hard had which is OSHA approved.
    Steel-toed shoes, soft-soled shoes- These should be worn for providing maximum suction on the commercial roof, protecting your feet, and preventing damage to the freshly installed roofing system.
  • Caulking guns- It is needed to allocate caulk from tubes. A good- quality caulking gun like the one made by Alboin or COX will give speed to your project and will add more money in your pocket.
  • Paint brushes- These are used for applying bulk caulk and do the coating in the areas which needs detailed painting.
  • Cordless or electric drill and assorted drill drivers and bits- These are used for drilling holes in the metal, concrete etc. for attaining blocking. These may also be used for installing fasteners and screws before application. Beneficial hint: Make sure the additional battery for your unit is charged as well.
  • Pop- rivet gun- It is used in the fastening of sheet metal work.
    Wheel barrow- It is used in carting debris, aggregate, roofing materials etc across the roof.
  • Scissors- It is used for cutting fabric. Long bladed fabric shears are the best for work.
  • General tool kit- This should include mallets, hammers, screwdrivers, hacksaw, punches, chisels and a variety of wrenches. A coring tool to take roof samples and cores, utility knife, a black sharpie pen, other cleaners and baggies and gasoline to keep the samples detached. You should also have a baggies box for samples which may be required to be taken.
  • Roof hoist- It is very helpful to raise and lower the supplies and equipments from roof deck.
  • Bunghole mixer- It is used in mixing blade attachment for the electric drill.

Roofing Tear off Tools

Roof can be considered to be the most exposed part of the building or the house. Due to this, shingles require to be changed when they get worn out. Roof tear off tools are required by the roofing contractors for performing this task. Without the appropriate roof tear off tools, a job of re-roofing can take a lot longer than expected. This is the reason traditional tools like shovels and hammers are not desirable or recommended for roof tear off jobs.

There and many fall protection experts companies which provide the roofing safety equipment which includes anchorage, fall protection, safety harnesses and roofer safety kits for roofing.
Some of the important roofers tools are:

  • Cutting and Holing (Tiles and slates)
  • Slate rippers and slate hammers
  • Holing and cutting spare parts (tiles and slates)
  • Pitched roofing accessories
  • Lead dressers
  • Lead chase wedges and mallets etc…

Roofers equipments categories

  • Powered
  • Adhesive + Coating applicators
  • Heat welding
  • Non-powered on Deck
  • Mopping equipment
  • Torch wagons
  • Kettles


It is important that the young generation of today also get involved and see that roofing is an amazing skilled trade to know. Roofing tools supplies can be found in your close vicinity hardware shops or they can be bought from the many available online markets easily.

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