Ordering and designing of roof truss is considered as one of the most important things when it comes building a project before the building project is ready to be fitted. Roofing trusses costs a considerable amount related to the cost involved in the building work. There are different types of trusses which require careful consideration because the pitch, roof truss span and the individual truss design has a great influence on the price.

The structural integrity of a roof must be inspected before a new roof can be installed.
The structural integrity of a roof must be inspected before a new roof can be installed.

Every selected truss will have a specific design and manufacturer, unless the building is designed for standardized component usage. In such cases, the owner of the building might have to bear professional truss designing and engineering cost. If a highly techno specialist of a professional service agency is hired, the roof truss cost can comparatively go much higher.
Building’s exterior as well as interior design determines the type of truss required. Even if all at ones is required, the design of the building still matters. It may be a bit different from the construction of the building which is considered more appropriate.

Estimates of roof truss

Building plans have to be priory planned and explained to the roof truss companies before selecting the design suitable for the building. Unfortunately this is costly as well. There is no such general availability for “calculating the thumb rule” of roofs truss prices. This may be due to the nature of specialized engineering and design involved in it. Each of them is priced individually.

Prefabricated Roof Trusses

Prefabricated roof trusses are used when someone is willing to settle with something which does not fit the building design. At such times, these intend to save a considerable of money over the other bespoken roof trusses.

Prefabricated roof truss suggestions

  • First: the internal and external aesthetics of the roof design has to be priory decided.
  • Second: check the online status of standard styles, pitches and width of available wooden roof trusses.
  • Third: create and design the same which suits the selected roof truss plan.
  • Forth: select and decide the buildings dimensions over which the roof has to be trussed with trusted plans and designs from the above prefab trusses suggestions.

Factors that influence the price

  • Truss type: different shapes of trusses allow a variety of styles and designs on the building’s roof. The complex the design, the expensive the truss will be.
  • Size: size of the house determines the number of trusses required. This directly affects its total price. Roof truss cost per square foot determines the number of trusses which can be used.

Online sites states that the prices of truss depend on the location of the building to be trussed. In North Carolina, the prices vary from $2.59 sq.ft to $4.42 sq.ft for the same truss that is available in New York. It ranges to be around $3.87 per sq.ft in Boston of the building area. These rates are taken on an average from a truss pan of 1ft overhang of 26 feet, 24inch spacing, 8/12 pitch with a 40 pound loading factor. One can plan on a budget ranging from $2.50 to $5 per square ft. on an overage. Mainly the geographical location has the main factor in its pricing.


The average roof truss price is dependent on the location of the building and the size of trussing required. With a high level trussing, higher prices will be charged. With a normal trussing in a normal space, normal rates will be charged. Pre made trusses which fits the building’s roof is considerably cheaper than the customized ones. Rather than building each individually, pre-build trusses can be purchased which saves time and is comparatively cost effective.


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