A DIY roof is popularly known as an EPDM rubber roof. EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. This material is a rubber sheet which is used to cover flat roofs. Installing a DIY rolled rubber on your roof will enable your roof to be more strong and durable. It will protect your roof with all the adverse climatic conditions prevailing in that area. When you cover your flat roof with a DIY rolled rubber roofing you are providing a long life span to your roof. Your roof will be strong and durable for the longest time. There are a wide range of rubber roofing materials available. The life span of this rubber roofing is estimated to be somewhere around 40 years.

Rolled rubber roofing installation

Rolled rubber roofing is, literally, rolled roofing.
Rolled rubber roofing is, literally, rolled roofing.

Rolled rubber roofing is nothing but strips of rubber membrane that comes in one piece with the desired size of the roof. You can get the rubber sheet according to the exact dimensions of the roof. One more alternative is that you can get a whole sheet of rubber and place it on the roof, after that you can cut the unwanted sheet of rubber from the sides if the roof. A roofing membrane is very essential to cover your flat roof. Rolled rubber roofing installation is not a difficult task. There are different types of rubber roofing materials like a one piece DIY rubber roof. Another one is a self-adhesive EPDM roof. The difference between the two is that one is self-adhesive and the other one is not. The life span of a rolled rubber DIY EPDM rubber roofing is estimated to be around 50 years.

EPDM roofing membrane

An EPDM roofing membrane is basically a sheet of rubber which is very easy to install on your own. You will not need to spend a hefty amount on labor and equipment. You can do this on your own. All you have to do is unroll the rubber roofing and place adhesive on it. After you apply adhesive both on the rubber membrane and your flat roof, let both the places dry for a while. Touch the adhesive on both the surfaces, if it is still wait, let it cool for a little while. After it dries completely, fix the rubber sheet on the roof. Watch for wrinkles and small bubbles. With the help of a broom get rid of any wrinkle or bubble on the rubber sheet. The rubber roofing cost of this membrane is minimal. This is so because the rubber roofing installation cost will not be including the cost of special skilled labor and a plethora of tools and equipment.

Do yourself rolled rubber roofing

The rubber roofing installation process is very easy and hassle free. You can perfectly install an EPD rubber roofing on your flat roof all by yourself. There is no need of any special equipment. There is no need of hiring special labor for doing it. You can do it all by your own. This is so because there is no extra material or supplies needed. You just have to simply install a rubber membrane over your flat roof.


We have discussed about how you can increase the life expectancy of your flat roof. We have also discussed the ways by which you can make your own flat roof strong and durable for the longest time. There are many good options through which you can cover your flat roof and protect it. Rubber roofing installation is useful and simple if it meets are your requirement criteria.


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