A flat roof is a very common kind of roof which is the most popular style of roofing all over the world. They are called flat because they are in level with respect to the sloped roofs. These types of slopes are mainly found in the countries where the climate is generally hot. Just like the Arab Countries. There are also times when there are very adverse climatic conditions in some regions where the houses have flat roofs.

Flat roof buildings offer a very appealing look.
Flat roof buildings offer a very appealing look.

In such circumstances the roof starts to wither out and is unable to provide full protection from the adverse climatic conditions. Like for example water starts dripping from the roof after a heavy rainfall. Nobody wants to live under a dripping and leaking flat roof. When this starts to happen it is an alarming sign. This shows that there is a lot of damage to your roof and it needs repair. Sometimes when the roof is in very bad condition, repairing the roof is not a good idea. Then the only resort left is to replace your roof with a new flat roof.

Replacing the flat roof

It is very important to fix a leaking flat roof. When the leak is non repairable, you need to consider replacing the entire roof. It can be a big and tough decision to replace a whole roof, but you must consider the most suitable option. After all it is the most important part of the place you are living at. First of all when you are completely convinced that you want to replace your flat roof, you need to decide what kind of roof you want to install now. There are basically five types of roofing options that you have for replacing.

  1. Built-up Roofing
  2. Single-ply Membrane roofs
  3. Modified Bitumen
  4. Sprayed Polyurethane Foam
  5. Self-adhesive Rolls

Replacing flat roof with pitched roof planning permission

Another choice you have is to replace your flat roof with a pitched one. There are innumerable flat roof repair solutions and one is this one. Instead of repairing what you can do is replace your damaged flat roof with a pitched roof. Replacing flat roof felt will be good as you will get a brand new roof and a little change in your house. A pitched roof is a roof with a slope. A mono- pitched roof is a roof that has a mono that means only a single slope on the roof.

The pitched roof is divided by the horizontal border in between two vertical slopes attached at either side of it. This kind of roof is water repellent as the rain water will just fall down from the slope.Installing this kind of roof will require different equipment and material as compared to the flat roof.

Replacing flat roof with pitched roof cost

The replacing flat roofcost will vary with respect to the pitched roof. Also the cost of a pitched roof will vary with the difference of material, variety, supplies and labor.


We have discussed about a flat roof, replacing flat roof cost and how the adverse climatic conditions can affect the flat roof your house. We have also discussed about the alarming signs of damage in your flat roof and the conditions under which you should consider to replace your flat roof entirely. You can replace your flat roof with a good pitched roof. There are many kinds of Flat roof repair options and you can choose one according to your requirements.


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