Your roof is the most important part of your house. It is basically the protective layer above your head. Taking care of your roof is the most important. You want your roof to protect you from everything that is outside. In order to do that for the longest time, your roof should be strong durable enough. Over the years your roof might experience some little flaws and damages. You must pay attention to them immediately. When these little damages are attended on time you can prevent from having a big damage at your roof. Repairing your roof shingles is the best possible way by which you can prevent your roof from getting badly damaged.

How to repair roof shingles

When you have a roof with shingles, it is very important to take care of each and every shingle placed on the roof. You must repair shingle damage keeping it at the top most priority whenever you spot it. Repairing shingles can be a time taking and a tiring task; you may even want to hire experts and professionals to do that for you. It is not possible for everyone to hire them causing a pretty big hole in your pocket. We have some valuable tips and some steps you can follow if you want to repair shingle damage by yourself. You would have always thought that fixing roof shingles is a task that can be done only by the experts. But you can also do it yourself with the help of these simple steps.

  • First of all, gather all the safety equipment. Good shoes, gloves and overalls. Wear them and ensure your safety first.
  • Gather all the tools and material that you need. Pry bar, nails, cement, hammer.
  • Then get on to your roof and spot the damaged shingles. One by one start working on them individually.

How to replace 1 shingle?

If there is only one shingle to be repaired among a lot of them, then take a pry bar and careful take out the shingle. Then apply some cement on the empty area and put a new shingle on it. Be careful to place it at the right position and apply some pressure on it for some time.

To ensure more safety of your new shingle, apply some nails on it.

Repeat this step for repairing the rest of the shingles.

Repairing Roof Shingles Blown Off

Repairing a shingle that is blow off has exactly the same steps for repairing a damaged roof shingle. There is just a little safety measure to take when you are getting the damaged or blown off shingle from the roof.

  • Be very careful when you are isolating the damaged shingle from the entire roof.
  • Use a pry bar to take it off until you reach the nails fixed on it.
  • To take out the nails, take help of a crow bar. Take out the nails carefully and then isolate the damaged tile from the roof.
  • Then replace it with a new roof shingle. Take help of the steps that we have discussed above.
  • Repeat these steps for all the blown off shingles

Shingle roof replacement

When there is large number of damages in your shingled roof, you must consider the option of replacing your roof. This situation may arise after many years of getting your roof build, but if there are large numbers of damages that cannot be repaired you must consider in replacing your roof.


We have discussed above about how to fix damaged roof shingles. We have also discussed about how to replace 1 shingle. We have also discussed how we can repair the blown off shingles as well. You can even replace a damaged shingle easily if you do not wish to repair it or the damage is large.


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