box guttersThe monsoon is refreshing though but it causes a hell lot of problems too. Especially it is very harsh on your roofs. Water gets deposited all over your roof and gutters. There has to be special rain gutters installed on your roof to accumulate and dispose all the rain water.

Rain Gutter Types and options

There are different types of rain gutters. These rain gutters can be differentiated by style, material, color and shape. There are different materials out of which rain gutters can be made up of. The materials out of which rain gutters can be made are:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Seamless Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Vinyl
  • Zinc
  • Downspouts

These are the materials out of which gutters can be made. There are 2 basic types of gutters on the basis of shape. These two types are:

K-Style Gutters

These kinds of gutters have flat bottoms and equally flat backs. This is more fancy style of gutter as the front side of this gutter gives a more decorative look. The front side of the gutter has a curve just like the shape of a crown molding. You can have your own variations to this style. There are many variations available with a lot of color and material options. This is one of the best type of gutters.

Half- Round Gutters

As the name suggests these kinds of gutters is half round in shape just like a semi-circle. This is a more primitive style of gutters and it will be found in old and historic homes. These are the very basic types of gutters. The installation process of this type of gutter is relatively easy and its maintenance is also very low.

Types of House Gutters

There are different kinds of gutters options for house available in the market. What you can do is choose the best gutter for your house according to your need and then get it installed on your roof. It is recommended to take professional help for the installation purpose. The installation of very kind of gutter should be done with help of the experts only. Although you can do it yourself but experts will do it better than you can do it. If it is installed properly it will be there and give the best function for the longest time. You can choose the color of the gutter as well. Whichever color you want, you can get it for your house. The best types of gutters are the ones that best suit your roof. May it be the material, the color or the application? If it is best for your house it is the best kind of gutter.

There are many. Depending in the specifications of the users many types of gutters are available. Another type of gutter available is seamless gutter and regular gutters. These gutters resemble the above main types of gutters only.

There are many gutter options available for houses. You have to choose the right kind of material for your house gutter depending upon the climatic conditions of your house. You also have to be careful with the color of the gutter as well. The color of the gutter should match the color of your house and your roof. Sometimes you can paint the gutter with the color of your choice as well.


We have discussed about the two main types of rain gutters. We have also discussed that what all materials are used to make a rain gutter and different types of gutters like seamless gutters vs regular gutters. It is very important to choose the right kind of gutter for better serving.


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