T1-11 is the most natural siding option out of all the siding options till date. It is the most eco-friendly siding option. T1-11 is a wood based product which is majorly manufactured for siding purposes only. The T1-11 sidings are available in two grades. One is plywood and the other one is OSB (oriented stand board). The siding option which is made up of plywood is a little more expensive than the other grade of T1-11 siding. The OSB grade of the T1-11 siding product is more strong and durable than the other grade. It is believed to be more popular than the other grade. The best out of the two will be the OSB one. This grade of T1-11 sidings is very cost effective and economical also. It is best to hire a professional to install this kind of siding in your house. Even if you are seeking advice on this particular kind of shingle material, you must contact and experienced personnel or simply hire a professional and then get everything sorted. This siding also requires regular maintenance.

T1-11 Siding Prices

T111 siding is a durable, attractive, and affordable siding option.
T111 siding is a durable, attractive, and affordable siding option.

There are different brands and manufacturers of T1-11 siding. And this why there will be variation in the prices of T1-11 with respect to brand, company, manufacturer, distributer, quality, etc. these kinds of siding materials or actual sidings are available for purchasing in selected stores only. Over all it is a very cost effective product, but the cost of this siding will vary with respect to different brands and manufacturers. Apart from this fact, T1-11 siding is very economical and budget friendly also.

T1-11 siding pros and cons

This material was brought into notice of the people in the 60s and 70s. Every product has some advantages and disadvantages. The T1-11 Sliding product also has some pros and cons:


  • The base product used to make this particular siding is wood. This is the reason the T1-11 sliding are the most eco-friendly.
  • It is very durable and strong


  • It requires frequent maintenance.
  • You must hire only expert professionals to install this siding on the walls of your house.
  • It is not economical and cost effective.

T1-11 siding manufacturer

There are some T1-11 siding problems. Also the manufacturers of these sidings have 2 grades to manufacture. The T1-11 Plywood siding is less preferred than the OSB siding. The reason behind this is the cost. The plywood T1-11 siding is more expensive than the OSB one. There are very less number of manufacturers who manufacture the T1-11 sidings. This is the reason that these sidings are available I selective stores only. The prices of the T1-11 siding will also vary across different manufacturers, distributors, retailers etc. these sidings may also be available on some e- commerce websites. The T1-11 sidings are also called T-111 sidings. The T-111 siding prices are as same as that of the normal T1-11 OSB sidings have.


We have discussed about what T1-11 is siding. We have also discussed what this material is made up of. We have discussed the two grades of T1-11 Siding. We have also discussed the pros and cons of T1-11 siding. We have also discussed about the prices and manufacturers of the siding made up of these materials. The T1-11 siding is available in select stores only. It is sometimes available online also. We have discussed about the price of T-111 Sidings also.


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