Redwood siding gives modern architecture smooth lines with natural accents.
Redwood siding gives modern architecture smooth lines with natural accents.

Plywood is the most common material used for all house hold needs. Plywood is used for cabinets, shelves, furniture, flooring, ceiling, window trims, roofing, siding, fencing, etc. plywood has a wide range of applications. It is the easiest and simplest material that you resort to when in need. May it be residential or commercial properties, plywood can be an ideal siding option for all kinds of properties. Plywood is wood, but not in its pure form. Plywood sheets are made up by joining different individual layers of plies together. These layers are glued together to form one whole sheet of plywood. Plywood is a composite material which is made up of wood fiber sheets and bind resin.

Plywood is a very durable and strong material. Plywood sheets are made up in different dimensions and textures. Furniture made up of plywood is very strong and durable and last for a very long time. Vertical groove siding cures all the ill effects of plywood easily. Plywood can be eaten up by wood termite. This will not happen when plywood is used as a siding option. The siding is incorporated with a combination of plywood and other materials which prevent the siding to be eaten up by termite or any other mites.

The Plywood vertical groove siding

Features and uses

The plywood vertical groove siding is a siding option which is made up of plywood panels joined together. These plywood panels are joined together in different patterns. Some of the patterns in which a vertical siding is made are Groove siding, Groove-8 siding, etc. this plywood vertical groove siding is easy to install and offers long term durability as compared to other materials that are used in making siding and its products.

You can use plywood vertical groove siding in all the spaces- may it be houses, bungalows, buildings, etc. plywood is made up in different dimensions and textures. The vertical groove siding made up of plywood sheets are made up of different sizes as required. These panels are available in all sizes. You can also find plywood siding and its products on online stores as well. There are two different textures of plywood siding that are popular today. One is untreated wood siding and another one is treated wood siding. These vertical plywood groove siding sheets are available in log cabin design as well.

Board and batten siding

The board and batten siding made up of plywood basically is a single board which contains batten on the surface of the board. There are different boards cut of desired sizes. Then these boards are joined by battens with the help of nails. These battens are slightly thicker vertical panels of wood which are one fourth of the size of the board. Board and batten are joined together with the help of nails. This board and batten siding gives a clean and crisp look. This kind of siding proves to be very durable options for all kinds of properties. This siding option is ideal in all climates. It is an easy to install roofing material. The hammer and nails may cause a little bit of disturbance during the installation process, but then the whole disturbance is worth it. The maintenance of this kind of roofing is not very difficult.


We have discussed about the plywood vertical groove siding. We have discussed its compositions. We have also discussed about other kind of siding options like board and batten siding. There are many siding products that are available with plywood as its primary material and you can choose one as per the requirement.


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