Installing a metal roof is high in trend. With the many colour options, textural and many types of metal roofing, people are opting for it. But with the years of the same metal roofing question arises that “Can I paint my metal roof?”

How to paint a rust metal roof

Metal roofs allow you to have a wide range of colors.
Metal roofs allow you to have a wide range of colors.

Yes you can paint your metal roof but you should keep some important points in mind before doing so. There are many mistakes which a novice or also an experienced can make while painting rusty metal roof. With these articles you can know some common mistakes that a painter do while painting metal roofs.

First mistake is using of residual paint. Painting your roof is as important as painting your house. So don’t just use the left over paint of your house on to your roof because that paint won’t stick around metal. Metal paints are available in the market and for painting your metal roof, you should only opt for the same. If you applying good quality of paint, that can save you from repainting metal roofs. Special metal roofing paints are available in the market which has many different qualities like energy saving, fire resistant, or even insect and pest resistant. So with the many options, you should not be using the left over paint for your metal roof.

All about painting a stadium metal roof

Very common mistake while painting standing seam metal roof is not using a sealant. Sealant bonds the paint and the metal together. Sealant not only increases the life of your paint but also helps in maintaining it. If you are not using sealant with your paint, paint would easily come out in atmospheric conditions like heavy rain, snow or storm. So sealant is the basic important thing which should be used with paint in order to invest less in maintenance of metal roof. Sealants are of many types and are used according to your paint. A small research on sealant too would be good as every sealant has some properties that match with your paint and increase its life span. Specific sealants are available in market for different paints. So choose sealant accordingly to avoid mistakes that re mostly done by people.

Many people for saving little amount of money don’t care about paints that are saving energy. With the many paint options available, you should opt for a paint that can save energy. As saving energy today is very important and if it can be saved from using a proper paint. Y not opts for the same. So avoid yourself from committing a mistake of taking paint which cannot saves energy.

You should also keep in mind that no part of metal roof is ignored while painting. A small portion can spread rust on your roof, so stop yourself from wrong application methods. Use enough paint and paint all the areas properly.

Coating for metal roof

A big mistake that nearly everyone makes is not worrying about the roof after painting it. Best metal roof coating is said to be done if you are keeping your roof clean and is washing your metal roof once in every six months with bleach or liquid soaps. Keeping your metal roof clean helps in keeping proper paint coating. Roofs should be kept clean and you always should avoid aggregation of dead leaves, papers etc on your roof. The roof’s bald spot in the paint should also be checked. Rough patches should be repaired as soon as possible. So these are the basic common mistakes that are done by common people while painting.


By avoiding these common mistakes during painting, you can easily paint your metal roof. Just keep all these points in mind and you are ready to paint your metal roof. After keeping all the above things in mind you can now also accurately determine painting a metal roof cost.


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