Keep your gutters clean without any work, buy gutter guard.
Keep your gutters clean without any work. Buy gutter guard.

Nobody likes clogged drains right! The task of cleaning clogged gutters is similarly quite painful and not enjoyable for sure. Generally the open gutters get clogged due to falling leaves from the trees or other debris. In order to reach at the height of gutters, either you need to climb to long, unstable and dangerous ladders or but expensive attachments which are not the easiest to use.

One way of avoiding the above hassle is by using leaf guard for gutters. There are widely two categories of gutter guards: Getter Screens & Gutter Covers.

Gutter Screens are available in various materials like wire mesh, foam or nylon. As expected, they are relatively cheaper and easier to use but are not very durable plus don’t give the desired results.

As the name suggest, Gutter Covers are placed on top of the gutters but end up restricting the water flow since they cover the gutter! These are also easily available of material like copper, aluminum, plastic along with cheaper alternatives in nylon and foam.

Home Gutter Systems

Multiple segments on the roof edges are combined together to drain rainwater swiftly and proficiently from the rooftop, via downspouts onto Splash Block. This is used to keep the water away from the foundation of the house and preventing from seeping into the basement. There are multiple different gutter systems that can be installed in households:

  • Aluminum Gutters
  • Seamless Gutters
  • Copper or Steel Gutters
  • Vinyl and Plastic Gutters
  • Wood Gutters
  • Box Gutters

Apart from the above mentioned Home Gutter Systems, there are some specialty gutter systems available in the market which acts as hassle free solution from various vendors. Some of the custom made products are:

Fascia Gutters

It is attached to fascia board

Rain Pro Gutters

It is made of Aluminum, unique design

Leaf Guard Gutters

It contains hood as fundamental part of the gutter assembly

Leafless Gutters

In order to make your gutter as leafless, a widely used product is Leafless gutter cover. This is convenient to install which actually gives decent protection. It is finished with UV inhibitors which prevent wear & tear even under extreme conditions. It can handle as much as 44 feet of rain per day which adds considerable strength to the gutter system installed.


Another gutter protection system broadly available is Leafaway gutter system which claims to be completely maintenance free gutter system which works on the phenomenon of Liquid Adhesion. These are attached to fascia boards on the roof and fit in perfectly. They also come in various color combination hence being more attractive than the regular gutter systems. Since it is a seamless, one piece system, there are no chances of leaks from the joints, proving better protection to our household.


It is known as a “Do-It-Yourself” gutter system which can easily be installed by anyone at home. It is made up of stainless steel micro mesh and can be installed using the sturdy double sided tape or by just taping along the visible slope of the gutter. The rainwater passes through the mesh of the Gutterguard while the leaves, debris fall off the gutter. The no clog gutters are another option to consider but they are not considered as good as they claim to be! The time, money and effort spent on installation don’t reap similar rewards.


The truth is – Gutter Covers do end up reducing the time spent in cleaning these clogged gutters. Do they work as 100% advertised- probably not? They still require their fair share of maintenance but that is still easier than cleaning! Sometimes the cost related to installation can be even higher than years of professional help for getting gutters cleaned. In the end, everyone should do proper research before deciding on the right gutter guards.


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