We go a long way to find our life partner! Right from college to office, dating sites to matrimonial sites, Facebook to Twitter, siblings to family, likes to dislikes, attitude to behavior, goals to aspirations, we look at so many parameters before finalizing on the one with whom we can spend the rest of our lives. Finding the right siding is no different!

Why use Siding?

Vinyl siding can look just like wood siding but without the maintenance.
Vinyl siding can look just like wood siding but without the maintenance.

We use cover for a smart phone –so that phone doesn’t get dirty, doesn’t get scratches, screen doesn’t get damaged from unforeseen circumstances or accidents, to avoid breakage and last but not least to have a new look to the phone. Similarly siding provides the building with an extra layer of protection against water leaking, winds, snow, harsh weather conditions, insulation and also gives a pleasing image to the onlookers.

Siding for houses

Three commonly used siding materials are Vinyl, Aluminum & Wood. Although it’s a tough task to decide what siding is best for a house, we will try to simplify it with below examples.

The above factors should be taken into account while choosing the right material depending upon the priority of the individual. For Example: If you are environmental friendly & don’t want to use wood, then its case of Vinyl siding vs Aluminum siding. If design and appearance is your main concern, then it’s always going to be Wood siding vs Vinyl. The above should eliminate the doubt against quality of Vinyl Siding. So if next time someone asks you the question – Is Vinyl siding good, you can just present the above facts and let them judge for themselves.

Vinyl Siding

Although the first version of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) came into existence during 1950’s, it was not till late 1970’s when PVC gained the acceptance and popularity amongst the masses. The pros were obvious – it had higher impact resistance, easier to maintain, flexible, durable and even came in many colors for the aesthetic appealing eyes. But the challenge it faced was due to negative environmental impact of PVC and reluctance of suing this material across Europe. The Germans for one were still not convinced and irrespective of all the pros kept asking – Is Vinyl siding good for the environment.


We have harped on the Durability of the Vinyl siding all this while. Obvious question would be – so how long does Vinyl siding last? This is one aspect which is quite unmatchable for any other material. On an average, PVC lasts for 20-40 years and depending on the quality and thickness used, it can lasts entire lifetime of the house with the warranty even passed on to the next set of house owners.


  • With so many advantages, surely PVC can’t be cheap right? The last question to consider: Is Vinyl siding good investment? We will have to look at it from three angles:
  • Cost of installation, maintenance & repair – cost of installation is relatively cheap and maintenance & repair would come into the picture depending on the quality used in the first place. Over the years, the color tends to fade away and the fencing becomes dirty. Planks can break due to weather conditions leading to changing the entire plank.
  • House value – not everyone like the look of PVC outside the house and still prefer the traditional look of wood or metal. This is where selling the house can be tricky.
  • Recycle – Another major issue with PVC is that it is non-recyclable, hence not great for the environment.


The benefit of using PVC out weighs the cons and is a clear winner amongst the given options. The manufacturers should look at reducing the environmental trouble caused by the use of PVC. You can choose from all the available options as per your requirements.


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