Vinyl siding has now become the substitute of aluminum siding and fiber cement siding. Vinyl siding is basically made up of plastic. The Insulated Vinyl Siding is made up of plastic which is insulated. Insulation here means that the whole vinyl siding will be covered up with the insulation coating. As of now only vinyl sidings are available as insulated vinyl sidings. The insulation has a lot of advantages to show. It reduces the transfer of energy directly or indirectly. This helps in reducing the overall temperature of the house. The insulation on the vinyl siding also prevents the siding from breaking and bending. This insulation coating provides a more wood like appearance to the vinyl siding. The installation process of Insulated Vinyl siding is as same as that of traditional vinyl siding. This insulation film is more like foam that restricts the transfer of energy from the exterior of the house to the interior of the house.

There is different vinyl sliding styles. And these same styles are available in insulated vinyl sidings as well. There is a very wide variety of vinyl siding colors. The insulated vinyl siding are also available in the exact same color combinations. The color palette of the insulated vinyl sidings include colors like Glacier white, Juniper Ridge, Autumn Red, Antique Parchment, Adobe Cream, Somerset Wheat, Natural Linen, Colonial Ivory, Canyon Drift, Platinum Gray, Maple, English Saddle, Cape Cod Gray, Monterey Sand, Deep Moss, Mystic Blue, Vintage Wicker, Midnight Blue, Coastal Sage, Tuscan Clay, Charcoal Smoke etc.

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They are very energy efficient. They are more beautiful than the traditional vinyl sidings. Since they restrict the transfer of energy, they prove to be more breathable. They also prove to be a more durable option than the traditional vinyl sidings and its other alternatives in the market. Using insulated vinyl siding will let you save on the utility costs and you can feel good in your home all year around.

Data book for Insulated Vinyl Siding Manufacturers

There are many companies who manufacture only vinyl sidings. There are many companies who manufacture insulated vinyl sidings and traditional vinyl sidings both. Some of them are very high rated as well. Some of the manufacturers of Insulated Vinyl Siding are:

  • Alcoa
  • Associated Materials Inc.
  • CertainTeed Corporation
  • Crane Performance Siding
  • Heartland Building Products, Inc.
  • LP Specialty Products
  • Mitten Inc.
  • Nailite International Inc.
  • Owens Corning
  • Perfect Choice Products, LLC
  • Resource Materials Corporation
  • Rollex Corporation
  • Royal Building Products
  • The Foundry
  • Variform, Inc.

These are some of the manufacturing companies that manufacture insulated vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding products

There are a huge variety of vinyl siding products available in stores and online as well. The manufacturers of insulated vinyl siding also manufacture certain products that are related to the vinyl sidings. These products are sometimes used for installation purpose only.

Insulated Vinyl siding reviews

Insulated Vinyl siding is better than all the other alternatives of the traditional vinyl siding and itself as well. Customers who have used the insulated vinyl sidings for their homes have given it big thumbs up. They are very happy with its quality and its strength. They are very impressed with the overall quality of material used in building this siding.


We have discussed about insulated vinyl siding details. We have also talked about the differences between the insulated vinyl siding styles and the vinyl siding. The products related to vinyl sidings and their manufacturers are prone to customer reviews for sales also regarding insulated vinyl siding.


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