Flat seam metal roof are installed on the roofs which are basically with low slopes or are typically flat. Interlocking system of metal panel at flat roofs that are installed basically like brick pattern is called flat seam metal roof. Metal panels are arranged one aside another and are hammered to install flat seam so as to provide tight joints which has high resistance from harsh weather conditions. All the panels are installed in a way that one panel is interlocked on all the four sides by other panels. Balconies and porches are the certain areas where such seam is installed. Sheet metal roofing is too common nowadays as with the looks and it also provide ages to your roof.

How to build flat metal roof

Metal roofs look great on residential properties.
Metal roofs look great on residential properties.

Building flat metal roof of 18″ by 24″ is mostly done by copper rolled panels. Sheets are installed in longitudinal as well as transversely style so as to provide maximum resistance to the roof. Seams are either soldered or are sealed with rubber or synthetic depending on the slope of the roof. Before folding the edges of copper sheets, the corners are clipped down.

The installation of flat seam is done so precisely that water or ice sheds from one sheet to another does not aggregate on the roof top. Water or ice always shed to the under lying sheet so as to maintain proper flow which helps in increasing resistance of the roof.

How to cap a metal roof

Metal nowadays offers many looks for your roof. Metal sheets today come in many different colour and types. Textured look, Plain colour and even powder coated look is available with metals. Cap protects them all and cap pieces are installed on the peak of the roof and are the last process to be done. Caps are basically solid or are vented. Solid caps are installed on foam which helps the cap to fit exactly with the details of the metal roof.

They normally come in small sizes and are used for overlapping. Whereas vented caps are long and it allows air and moisture to enter into a confined space especially used in the lower part of the seam. As soon as the seam is completely installed, the caps are fitted with the help of adhesives which in turn are tightened with the roof with screws. Installing long caps is not easier and you should take help of professional to do the same.

Caps are used just to provide safety to your roof and should be installed properly so as maintain right flow of water or ice. Metal roofing soldering specifications in a flat seam metal roof should be proper because it only improves durability of the roof. Flat seam metal roofing posses reliable watertight assembly if caps are installed properly.


Installing flat seam metal roof gives life to your roof and also the looks you desire. Surely installing the same is the need of the hour. Proper installation plays an important role in it and you should obviously opt for trusted flat seam metal roof manufacturers. There are many manufacturers available in market today. Some of them are Landmark Exteriors, Berridge Manufacturing Company and Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation. Trusted manufacturers provide you with the guarantee of a long lasting roof. Metal used for roofing should be selected accordingly as suggested by manufacturers because they only understand the properties of the same. Investment in metal roof is comparatively high but if invested properly, then with almost zero maintenance, your roof would be safe and sound additionally giving tough competition in looks.


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