Roofs are the protective factor providing protection to you and your house. They are the building blocks of laying down any concrete foundation and knowing how to install a roof properly is as important as knowing your spectrum of offerings for roofs. The focus of this article is mainly to understand how to go about the process of installation of roofs and some of the basic frameworks behind roofing.

Why Metal/Tin roofing

Tin roofs make a great relaxing sound during rain.
Tin roofs make a great relaxing sound during rain.

To start with, knowing your requirements is imperative. Metal roofing is becoming popular these days and demand for tin roofs is soaring. It adds efficiency, beauty and most importantly home along side saving money and time in installation. Any person can make his/her choice of roofing depending on his/her aesthetic preferences since these roofing are available in a wide array of choices to implement. All that is required is selecting the tin type, taking appropriate measurements, buying the foundation materials, removing the existing roof, creating insulations and laying the metal panels and polishing the edges to make the roof durable and long lasting.

Requirements to install a Tin roof

Hence it would be beneficial for a person’s selection to install metal roof. All a person needs to do is ready his/her roof by taking in all the measurements, knowing the slope and keeping a nominal margin for waste. Next you prepare your work site and transport your materials to the site. Remove the existing roof, if at all you have one and then repair any damage that is found at the area of installation. Add a layer of insulation to protect your roof from any natural or man-made damage and then start with the process of installation and get done with it by adding the metal panels and the flashing.

Tin roof over shingles

Apart from the metal panels and flashings, it is extremely important to incorporate roof shingles in the designs and final installation. This is so because roof shingles are an important aspect of the design and help to cover overlapping elements in roof structure. They help to make the base stronger and are clearly visible which is why they are available in attractive designs, makes and colors. Installing tin roof over shingles is an attractive offering nowadays among consumers since that help them make their house appear even more attractive to any viewer’s eyes. It helps create an impact besides making the house roof even stronger and long lasting.

Not just shingles, but corrugated tin roofing is another feature which is soaring high among consumers. Corrugated metal roofing which is usually made out of tin is proving to be highly economical for people since it helps keep rain water out and lasts longer than ordinary roofing system. Installing corrugated tin roofing is a process similar to the one discussed above. Start by calculating the number of corrugated tin sheets required and after removing the old roof, nail in the first sheet. Overlap the next sheet at a distance of around 10cm from the earlier one and nail it. Continue with the process and paint it to give a finishing touch.


Metal roofs, especially the ones made of tin are very durable and extremely long lasting. However, owing to severe natural calamities like storm, cyclones etc. they occasionally need to be inspected and repair for any damages if present. Tin roof repair is a step by step process which involves certain aspects. Usually a person should look for any loose nails, if present since they are the most minute aspect of roofing and yet the most important. Any holes, rusts, rough patches, leaks should be repaired and then the repaired area should be further coated with another layer of matching paint so as to make it look like before. Finally all the edges and seams should be well checked and redone if required. In extreme cases it is advisable to call for a metal roofing repair specialist and go for a complete changeover of the roofing.


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