Metal panels come in various sizes in the market and mostly are 36″ wide. Also 24″, 18″, 16″, 12″ sizes are available in the market. So with the measurement of your roof you can decide how much wide your metal roof panel should be. You can decide the width of metal by the correct measurement of your roof, and adding some inches to it for projection.

Weight of metal roofing

Metal roofs give houses a very distinct look from a variety of colors.
Metal roofs come in a variety of widths from 36″ to 12″

Weight is a major factor if you are metal roofing over existing shingles. Obviously metal weight is high when compared with non metal roofing but durability of metal roofing is more as with the weight. Also with the weight metal roofing take no or very less maintenance and weight then is not a priority. Determining the weight is also important as you need to be assured that the below structure can carry the load with some buffer for safety purpose.

With the uncountable benefits of metal roofing like saving in insurance cost, less maintenance, long life of your roof and many, metal roofing and steel roofing benefits are many when compared with non metal roofing.

How expensive are metal roofs

Metal roofs are not expensive if we just not compare only the retail price of the metal panels. Thinking with the future perspectives metal roofing is not at all a bad deal. With the metal roof installation, you are at least sure for 3-4 years. Also 40 percent of energy savings can also be done only with metal roof installation, so if we identify true cost of metal roofing and asphalt, you should conclude with metal roofing. Also as with metal roofing you can take out your cost of metal after years. So metal roofs when we think keeping long term perspective in mind is not expensive and is worth installing.

Steel roofing installation

Installation is becoming very popular in many countries. With the designs in steel and also its durability many people have opted for the same and is happy installing steel roof. In steel roofing installation you first need to identify the types of steel available in the market. And choose the best fitted steel according to your roof type which perfectly matches with your house. Also with the steel roofing installation, you don’t have to get bored with the sound during rain as you get with metal roof.

Disadvantages of metal roof are its one time investment installation cost. Basic disadvantage of metal roof is only its cost which most people fails to incur. Also with the metal roofing if you have not selected right type of metal or have not properly installed, then you have to face sounds of rain and snow which are not preferred by many people.

Spanish style metal roofing

It is one of the coolest designs of metal roofing. Spanish style tile style is now very commonly used by many people and is in trend. As with the attractiveness of it, Spanish style is also durable and effective. Spanish style metal roofing now comes in various colours too. Basically it resembles like clay top and gives classy look to your house. With excellent resistance and no maintenance Spanish style metal roofing is the demand of today.


Choosing right metal roofing according to your demand is the prior need and width of roof metal panels should be decided according to your roof size. This not only makes your roofing estimate perfect but also helps you to provide exact size of roofs which are efficient in their work.

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