Cleaning your roof shingles is very important. Over the years a large number of debris and dirt gets accumulated on your roof. Clogging all the empty spaces between the shingles. As a result of this the water in the rainy season is unable to move down from the roof to the ground. When excessive water get accumulated on the roof, it will be home to a lot of insects and flies giving rise to diseases and infection. It can even result in stinking. Due to the water accumulation the durability of the roof shingles will also get affected. Your roof can even collapse if there is a lot of weight over it.

Cleaning Roof Shingles

Notice the difference.
Notice the difference.

Since cleaning is so important it must be done properly. Here are some simple steps that you can use to clean your roof shingles by yourself.

  • First of all gather all the necessary safety gears for yourself like overalls, gloves, shoes that are non-slippery. Wear them.
  • Next up climb on your roof and analyze the type of stuff that has accumulated over it. There may be a variety of things that you find there like dry leaves, debris, dirt and algae, black stains, moss etc.
  • For all the debris and dirt take a broom and clean your roof with it.
  • For the other things we have different methods like Power Washing etc.

How to clean roof shingles moss

For roof algae removal and moss removal from your roof shingles, power washing or pressure washing technique can be used. You can even use roof cleaner or a clean roof mold for the same. Power washing or pressure washing is basically washing your roof with water that flows from very high pressure or force. It is almost just like a stream of water flowing with force. Here are some simple steps that will come in handy when you do it yourself.

  • Arrange for a big power or pressure washing hose pipe. Make sure that the length of the pipe is long enough to reach the roof and to cover the whole roof.
  • Next climb up to the highest point on your roof with the hose pipe. Now put on the hose pipe and clean the shingles with the help of it.
  • Cleaning your roof with this method will help you to get rid of moss, algae and black stains on your roof.

How do you clean shingles

You can also clean your roof by using bleach. How to clean roof shingles with bleach is what we discussed further. The best way to clean roof shingle is by pressure method or by manually. You can appoint a professional to maintain and clean the roof shingles or you can opt out to do it by yourself. No doubt cleaning the roof shingles is a tough and time consuming task but it proper methods are adopted it can be completed easily. There are many companies which offer roof shingle cleaning services at affordable costs which is an option that can be considered.


We have discussed about how we can clean the shingles on our roof. We have discussed the step wise process of cleaning roof shingles manually. We have also discussed about the step wise process of cleaning roof shingles with the help of power washing or pressure washing technique. We have also discussed about the technique that uses bleach for cleaning the shingles on our roof.


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