Our roof is solely responsible for protecting us from what is outside our house. A roof protects us from each and every external factor. May it be climatic conditions or anything else? Our roof is covered with shingles. Any climatic condition above our heads will reach our roofs. And more ultimately our roof shingles. With time and the weather conditions, the roof shingles on our roof will also get damaged.

Excessive heat wave or hail, or any other climatic situation can cause damage to the shingles on our roof. When we will be able to find out the cause of damage on our roof, will be able to take corrective and preventive measures to avoid further damage to the shingles of our roof. There are different kinds of roof shingles and every different kind of roof shingle will show different symptoms of hail damage.

Spotting damage to roof shingles

The main question is how to spot hail damage on roof, or more importantly how to find signs of Hail Damage on roof. It is important to learn these facts. We need to understand the difference between damage due to the climate and damage due to the own cracking of a shingle.

We should know how to identify hail damage on a roof. Once you are able to find out correctly the reason behind the damage on your roof shingles, you will be able to diagnose the cause and then prevent your roof shingles from getting damaged further on.

Roof shingles are made up of a variety of material these days. Roof shingles made up of every different material will show different symptoms of hail damage. We will be discussing some signs to look upon for hail damage on your roof shingles.

Develop the habit to inspect your roof once in a while. This will help you identify not only hail damage but all kinds of damage and repair it on time.
Inspect your roof after a storm. This will help you find out all the wear and tear ad then you can fix it as soon as you find the damages.

You must also check the roof gutters nicely. The spaces between the roof shingles are known as gutters. When you will see these gutters during your routine inspection, you will find that they are empty. After the storm they will be filled up with some kind of granular particles (mostly minerals). This is a very strong evidence to confirm that there has been damage on your roof shingles during the storm.

To distinguish which kind of damage is done by the hail storm and which one is done by the normal withering of roof shingles, you must carefully examine the surface of your roof shingles.

Normal weathering or sun damage on the roof shingles will create a pale patch on the shingle, clearly showing the difference in color. The damage caused by the hail storm shall be visible on the roof shingles in the form of small patches, they will not be pale in color, but they will appear to be darker when you examine closely.

Hail Damage to Asphalt Roof Shingles

Asphalt roof shingles also show hail damage. Organic shingles hail damage shall also be visible when you examine your roof carefully. In case of asphalt shingles there will be heavy granular loss due to hail damage which is comparatively easier to find out.

What size Hail will damage A Roof

Almost all sizes of hail can cause damage to a roof. There is no specific size described. It just depends upon the intensity of the Hail storm.


We have discussed about how we can find out damages caused by hail storms on the roof shingles. We have also discussed how we can find out the symptoms of damages caused by hail on the roof shingles. It is always easy to repair the damage if it is small but if that is not the case consulting a professional is always recommended.


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