3sidingVinyl is basically a very popular material when it comes to needs of building properties. Vinyl as a material has a lot of utilities in the construction industry. There are roofing, siding, ceiling and flooring products in the market that use vinyl in one or the other form. Vinyl is more like a plastic material. It contains the shines of plastic. Also it is a man-made compound. It is created by chemically treating other materials. Vinyl is popular for giving a lustrous look like that of plastic. When we are talking about vinyl siding here, there are several grades of vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is basically made up of vinyl and the combination of some other materials with it as the base combination.

Vinyl Siding Grades

Vinyl siding is available in grades. Grades here would mean different kinds of vinyl are incorporated in different kinds of siding. Different grades of vinyl have different utilities when it comes to roofing products. Each grade of vinyl has a different application. It means that you can differentiate siding products with help and reference of vinyl grades as well. The basic difference between the grades of vinyl siding is their cost. Different grades of vinyl siding will have different cost depending upon its chemical composition and its various properties. There may be difference in thickness in different grades of vinyl siding. Different grades also differ in durability and color too.

The thicker grade of vinyl siding is costly and the thinner grade of vinyl siding is cheaper. This is the main difference in the grades of vinyl siding. It is said that the thicker grade of vinyl siding is more durable than the thinner one. There are different color options available too on the basis of grades. There are some colors that only work and show on the thick surfaces and that is the reason why there are different colors in different grades of vinyl siding.

Choose the right grade of vinyl siding

You can also use different vinyl grades for patching of sidings and roofs as well. With the difference in grades, vinyl siding is available in different profiles too. You must choose the best vinyl siding for your house which gives an attractive look. Whichever grade of vinyl you choose for your house siding be careful in calculating that it will be durable enough for your house. You must research well and then choose the right grade of vinyl siding for your house. You must also take into consideration the fact that whichever grade of vinyl siding you choose for your house, it should look good from the outside.

Painting Options

You cannot really paint on the vinyl siding. The reason is that it does not have that kind of a surface which allows painting to be done. The next and the most important factor is the budget. You have a fixed budget for all the repairing work that is happening. If not repairing, when you are getting your house built, you have certain preferences in accordance of your budgets. There are funds allocated to different elements of the house. You have to complete all your work in the given and the decided budget only. You have to be very careful that whichever grade of vinyl siding you choose, it should be economical enough and it should be in your budget and satisfy your needs.


We have discussed about the different grades of vinyl siding. We have also discussed about the factors that you need to take care when you are choosing the right grade of vinyl siding for your house.


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