Fixing a leaky roof is very important before your house transforms into a swimming pool. There may be many reasons for a leaky roof. But the main priority should be fixing it. There are many ways to fix a leaky roof.

Ways to Fix Leaky Roof

Call a profession early before the damage grows. Mold can easily form if left untreated.
Call a profession early before the damage grows. Mold can easily form if left untreated.

Fixing a leaky roof can be done from the inside and the outside of the roof as well. Weather it is a shingled roof, or a tiled roof or a plain flat roof, there are different techniques to repair a leaky roof for all kinds of roof materials. You can get yourself professional help or you can also do the repairing work yourself. Shingles can be of many types. The most commonly found shingles used for making roofs are asphalt shingles. Following steps will be useful if you want to fix the leak of your roof yourself. Here are some tips for fixing a leaky roof.

How to fix roof leaks is the most important question.

  1. First of all you have to find the roof leak. Finding the roof leak can be the trickiest part. You have to be sure where the roof leak is. If you are dealing with a shingled roof, start removing the shingles from the suspected area of the roof leak.
  2. Once you find out the leak, analyze the leak both from the inside and the outside. In winters the shingles may curl due to cold temperature resulting in a roof leak. When you spot such a problem, you must straighten the roof shingle and fix it back on its original place with the help of cement, nails or a suitable adhesive.
  3. A leaky roof in winter will cause many problems. Going out on the roof in this chilly weather is the part which nobody wants to deal with.
  4. You can use the roof asphalt cement to fix all the roof leakages.
  5. If due to the leak, the shingles get damaged then the shingles should be replaced completely to avoid any other problem on the roof in the future.
  6. Temporary fix a leaky roof is not a good solution for a leaky roof. To avoid all the fuss you must fix the leaky roof all at once.

Roof Leaks Inspection

When you have a protective film over you roof, then you must inspect the protective film carefully. If you observe wear and tear over the film, then you must either fix the protective film or completely remove it and then install a brand new film. If at all you spot any blister you can fix the blister by suing roof cement. In case of damage in asphalt shingles, what you can do is use roof asphalt shingles to fix the damage. If the damage cannot be fixed, these asphalt roof shingles should be replaced.

Roof Leaking Repair

If you are dealing with the shakes of a tiled roof, you must carefully remove the shakes from the suspected area of the leak. When you finally find the leak, put some patching over it to fix it. You can patch the leak with the help of cement or any other suitable adhesive. After you patch the leak, let it dry for a while in the sunlight. Then place the tile shakes back on the roof and fix them together. You roof leak has been repaired.


We have discussed how we can fix leaky roofs. We have discussed that different roofs will require different methods and techniques for fixing a roof leak. It is easy to fix the roof if the leak is inspected early after high damage often there arises a situation when you have to change the roof completely. Keeping the roof well maintained can help you out in a lot of ways and also can save a lot of money.


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