Fiber cement siding is a kind of siding which is very popularly used worldwide as a type of siding. Fiber cement siding is made up of different layers of individual material. This is why it will be stronger and durable than other kinds of sidings. Their composition is just like that of an alloy. Alloys are made up of combination of 2 or more metals. And in the same way Fiber cement siding is also created with the combination of different kinds of materials. There are different brands and companies that take different compositions of materials in making fiberglass. And then this fiber cement which is made up of different compositions is used to make sidings. This means that there will be difference in the quality of fiber cement sidings made by different companies.

All about fiber Cement Siding Reviews

Fiber cement siding looks like real wood siding without the yearly maintenance.
Fiber cement siding looks like real wood siding without the yearly maintenance.

Apart from being an exquisite material for siding fiber cement has already got many alternatives in the market. Vinyl siding and aluminum siding are its alternatives. People have found out alternatives of Fiber cement siding because of some moisture issues pertaining in these sidings. The composition of fiber cement includes Cellulose or wood fibers. The presence of wood I the fiber cement sidings make them strong and durable. The customers who have used these sidings on their house have agreed to the fact that these sidings are strong and durable. They have also mentioned this fact in their reviews also. When we discuss about the look, the designs and the profiles available in fiber cement sidings may also vary across manufacturers and brands. The consumers are very satisfied with the color and the pattern options too. Another plus point that has been mentioned by the customers in their reviews is that the installation process of fiber cement sidings is simple and easy. Customers are very happy with the fact that this particular material is very eco-friendly. It does not degrade the environment and its components do not harm the environment or the consumers.

Hardie board Siding Reviews

Hardie board sidings are also known as cement board sidings. This is a very long lasting material which has very low maintenance. They have an average lifespan of 50 years. These sidings are made up of a very brilliant material which can resemble shingles, shakes, lap boards of any texture and color. It is made up of a fire resistant material. Also hardie board shingles are storm resistant too. Apart from all these pros, hardie board has some cons too. These sidings have high installation and labor costs. They require extensive planning and labor which will exceed the budget. With that its maintenance has to be taken care of frequently. These sidings have to be re-painted after certain time intervals.

Hardiplank Siding Reviews

Hardiplank is basically made up of fiber cement of a different class. Hardiplank sidings are basically a combination of both wood and cement. Hardiplank is very eco-friendly. With that it is 100% fire resistant also. Hardiplank looks a lot like wood and this is the reason people often chose it over vinyl siding. It is paintable and has the perfect thickness as required. Hardiplank is absolutely resistant to Insects and any other vermin.


We have discussed about the composition of fiber cement and why do consumers give mixed reviews to the sidings made out of fiber cement. We have also discussed about the reviews of customers regarding hardie board siding and HardiPlank siding. The reviews of the customers who have used these sidings before can guide you in the best possible way.


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