Faux slate roof is making full attempts to make its way in real slate roof market by covering the disadvantages associated with it. Synthetic slate roof is same as many other faux slate roofs have achieved success in looking like real slate roof which let slate roof to hold a strong position in the market. There are many products available in market which tries to capture the attention same as real slate roof. But by reading this article you will be able to find out how many people likes imitation and how well faux slate roof is doing in the market. Installing real slate roof is always the choice for centuries all over United States and Europe. But the high investment costs regarding installation decreases the interest of people for the same. Faux slate roof being newly introduced in the market had captured interest of many people. The look of real slate roof and also low investment helps faux slate roof to achieve success.

Synthetic slate roofs are modern improvement in construction. It is made from combining various plastic and rubber. Synthetic slate roofs gives immense beauty as same as real slate roof without inhabiting the high installation cost and also simulated slate roofing lasts longer.

Composite slate roofing

Composite slate roofing is available in 2 varieties. First is single width and second is multi-width.

Single width

Single width composite slate roofing is available in many different colour options and types. Each slate is created using specific formulae giving a distinct look. Single width slate is available in various blend styles like Brown-Stone-VariBlend, European-VariBlend, Canyon-VariBlend, Sonora-VariBlend, Slate Black-VariBlend, Slate Grey-VariBlend, Evergreen-VariBlend, Castle Grey-VariBlend, and Smokey Grey-VariBlend.


Multi width reduces your heating and cooling costs makingMulti-width slate roofing energy efficient. Multi width composite slate comes in various colours and designs like Aberdeen, Brownstone, Canyon, Castle Grey, European, Evergreen, Slate Black, Slate Grey, Sonora, Vineyard, and Weathered Green.


Faux slate roof costs almost half the real slate roof. Primary reason for success of faux slate is its low cost factor. Everybody thinks of installing real slate roof but by thinking of the high investment costs associated, they mostly switch to faux slate roof. With almost half the cost of real slate roofing, faux slate cost is sometimes termed as fake slate shingles. Synthetic roof tiles give the look of real slate roof but when it comes to cost, it is just halved.

Benefits of synthetic slate roof

Synthetic slate roof have many benefits:

  • It is considered as Eco-friendly as almost all slates can be recycled and also some roofs are made from recycled materials.
  • Synthetic slate roof have more life than real slate roof, Synthetic slate roof are also cheaper and they have more resistance from UV sun rays.
  • Some synthetic slates like Class-A are more fire resistant than real slate, which means they are less inflammable and does not catch fire easily.
  • With the installation cost, transportation cost of synthetic slate is less than that of real slate roof. Synthetic slate roof carries less weight and thus reducing the overall transportation cost. Installation of synthetic slate roof is easier as your roof slate has less weight.


Synthetic slate roof have life span of almost 50 years. Many slates come with warranty period of 15 to 30 years and also they are Eco-friendly. Every synthetic plate has different compositions and have different properties associated with it. So choose your synthetic slate according to the desired need of yours and as per the demands of your region. Many synthetic slate roof last for over 100 years which means that they require less maintenance and also no requirement for changing of roof arises before 15 to 20 years.


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