Wall sidings are as important as interiors for the house. You will not want the house to look dull from outside while you spend loads of money to make it look modern from inside. Wall sidings are those covering materials applied to the external walls of house. Sidings should protect the house from weather extremities, insulate the house from cold and heat, all while it gives the aesthetic look to the structure.

Choice of Siding Materials

james-hardie-hardiplank-houseChoice of material used for siding will decide how durable it is, how much it costs, and how easy it is to maintain them. Not to forget the looks aspect. Sidings can be made of materials like cement, plastic, wood or composite materials. Choice of material is important for durability. Sidings often are prone to expand and contract due to changing weather conditions. Some are prone to fire, rotting or damages due to insects like termites. Some might lose their sheen in due course. While all of this can be won with some materials, affordability and maintenance cost might shoot up. This makes it a fine balance between the two.

Cement Siding

Cement siding, mostly referred to as fiber cement siding, and is made of combination of materials like wood, cement, sand and water. Due to its nature of sturdiness, resistance to extreme weather, rotting and pest infection, they are preferred widely. They have been used as preferred option in over 15% of houses as per a latest survey.

Cement Siding Manufacturers

On top is James Hardie, who is the leader and number one company in America for fiber cement siding. Hardie sidings are used in over 5.5 million homes in America and are by far the number one brand for siding materials. It provides added features like siding visualizes, HardieZone special products etc. There are also other manufacturers like Nichiha and GAF. Nichiha has earned good review for some of its product range and you can see some famous commercial establishments using their products. GAF might disappoint you on range though, but it is widely available. You can also look at MaxiTile, Allura Plycem although these are lesser known and new.

Composite Siding

Composite sidings are those made of combination of materials like asbestos, aluminium, asphalt, hardboard or fiberboard. Fiber Cement is also a form of composite siding. Since they can be designed to look like anything you wish for, they are available in wide range of colors and style. Since they are synthetic, cost and maintenance requirements are also lower.

Composite Siding Manufacturers

Some top selling brands in composite sidings are Everlast Polymeric Claddings, LP Smart side and Rayne. All these should be widely available from Composite Siding Suppliers like ABCSupply, Menards, or large retailers like Home Depot. Alside also manufactures composite sidings under Alside Revolution brand.

Masonite Siding

Masonite sidings are hardboard sidings made of composite materials like wood fiber, wax and other resins, treated with high pressure and head and molded to required shapes. They are widely treated as alternative to wood sidings for its durability.

Masonite siding manufacturers

Masonite Sidings has many manufacturers and which are approved by American Hardboard Association. The Masonite Corporation, Bosie Cascade, Wayerhaeuser, Temple Industries are some of the manufacturers of Masonite sidings.


While there are number of options available to choose among siding, one has to choose carefully by looking at affordability, durability and usage. Going by trend, Fiber Cement Sidings and Composite sidings are most used, mostly because of their resistance qualities and easy maintenance. Choosing the right manufacturer and hiring a good contractor for installation is also a critical step in the process.


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