Choosing a roof color can be a very tricky part. It is the most important part of building the roof. Choosing the right roof color is the most important part as it adds to the overall show and appearance of the house. The right roof color that adds curb appeal to the house is the one which is the most suitable for the house. Choosing the right roof color is not only the best part, but having matching siding is essential too. When you have a matching roofs siding, it enhances the overall show of the house. Whatever roof you have on your house may be a flat roof, or a slated roof, or a slated metal roof, or a plain metal roof, or a shingled roof, choosing the right color for roof is of prime important.

Roof color choices

Roofs can come in a wide variety of colors.
Roofs can come in a wide variety of colors.

Choosing a roof color is important and it can be difficult too. There are innumerable color options for each different type of roof. There are several color combinations for all kinds of roof. For a shingled roof, choosing shingle color is the tricky part. It may also happen that you have not completely decided what color will be right both for the roof and the siding of the house.

There are many color options available for all kinds of metal roofs. Some of them are stone white, bone white, slate gray, musket gray, hunter green, evergreen, Hartford green, forest green, almond, sandstone, granite, charcoal, patina green, arcadia green, hemlock green, teal, sierra tan, terra cotta, colonial red, cardinal red, Berkshire blue, award blue, interstate blue, cityscape, medium bronze, dark bronze, burgundy, mansard brown, slate blue, military blue, matte black and midnight bronze. All these are the color options for simple plain colors. We also have some color options for metallic colors as well like zinc, silver, copper penny, aged copper, champagne, weathered zinc, etc. Additionally there is wide range of acrylic color options for metal roofs as well.

For roof asphalt shingles color options available are heritage vintage, heritage wood gate, heritage premium, heritage, etc.

For steel shingles color options available are stone crest slate, satinwood steel, stone crest, etc.

Color options available for 3 Tab Asphalt shingles are elite glass seal, glass seal, etc.

There are many color options available for burnished slate tin roofs like bright white, white, mocha, sierra tan, light stone, brown, burnished slate, grey, ash grey, charcoal, barn red, forest green, ocean blue, blue, black, ivory, burgundy, patriot red, galvalume, tan, stone, clay, dark red, crimson red, gallery blue, evergreen, Hartford green, etc.

Tips for choosing a roof color

Here are some tips for choosing the right roof color for your house.
Make certain combinations with different colors of roofs and siding. Choose the combination which will suit best for your roof and your climatic conditions.
Be careful with the material of the roof and the siding.

Choosing a roof color for a brick house

You must choose roof color for your brick house which complements the color of the bricks as well. The color which is suitable for the roof of a brick house will be the matching color with the bricks used to build the house.


We have discussed that choosing the right color for the roof of your house. We have also discussed that there are different materials for making a roof; each and every different material has different color options both for the roofs and the siding. We have discussed various colors that are available for different kinds of roofing material.


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