InsulPlank-II-Coffee-BeanWhen a person is confident enough to choose vinyl sidings for the house exterior, the next step is to choose the best vinyl siding manufacturers suitable for the purpose. Number of companies and brands offer a variety of options for their customers to choose along with high quality, great performance and durable vinyl sidings for their homes which would perfectly meets their needs.

There are a few important factors which should be priory considered while selecting vinyl siding for homes. Thickness or gauge is the first factor. The ticker the panel better is the quality. But usually thicker panels are a bit more expensive than the normal ones. Finishing of the panel is another factor. Overall finishing that complements the house should be considered. Vinyl siding products include:

  • traditional cedar grain panels,
  • smooth grain panels, giving a sleek and clean look to homes
  • Pieces that are made to resemble cedar shingles.

Profile of siding panel keeps equal importance as well. Beaded panel is used for giving the house more of a traditional look. Most of the manufacturers of vinyl siding offers a wide range of color options to its customers as well. Incase if the customers are in search of something in particular, they have the option to choose one company over another. A darker colored vinyl siding requires quality product which has color fading resistance.

Vinyl Siding Manufacturers

Manufacturers have to provide quality product line to meet the customer’s needs and exceeds ASTM (American Society of Testing and Material) which is a baseline. Some major data on vinyl siding manufacturers are provided below:

Vinyl Siding Manufacturer listing

Alside Vinyl Siding

Founded in the late 1940s, Alside vinyl siding is considered as a staple in “American home building industry”. As far as the leading siding manufacturers are concerned, Alside was originally founded by Jerome Kaufman.

CertainTeed Vinyl Siding

Certain Teed Vinyl Sidings include an impressive range of product line including Polymer shake, shingle siding, fiber cement siding in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes which it offers for its customers. In fact, CertainTeed claims that they broadcasted a selection of colors in market industry. They are also said to be the first one to introduce darker shades.

James Hardie Vinyl Siding

James Hardie, a leading “fiber cement manufacturing company” in the world offers a full line of fiber cement home siding accessories along with major siding products which are moisture, mold, insects, impact and fire resistant.

Napco Vinyl Siding

Napco Vinyl and Metal Exterior Products manufactures an extensive product portfolio, including a number of product lines of vinyl siding.

Nailite Vinyl Siding

Injection-molding technology is used by Nailite’s Polypropylene specialty that manufactures efficient and durable panels using Polypropylene formula. It has a color-through resin panels contain polymers which shield the panel against the sun damaging ultraviolet rays. It also has stabilizers for protection from heat.

RMC Vinyl Siding

RMC Siding has been providing for high quality vinyl siding products over the past 30 years. Home owners and builders have been relying as it had maintained its customers trust since long. The company offers only a limited lifetime warranty on its vinyl siding products.

Vytec Vinyl Siding

Vytec manufactures also offers a wide range of siding products to its customers. The brand focuses on precise details during the production of its siding products. It is the reason for high demand of its products in the market. Engineers and professional specialists are appointed for specifically designing its siding products to meet high industry standards. It is one of those few selected companies that have managed to actually meet the requirements set by the Underwriter’s Laboratories as well as Vinyl Siding Institute.


There are various brands and manufacturers that provide a variety of vinyl siding solutions to its customers. Customers have to make the decision to choose the best suitable manufacturer according to their housing needs. The sources and article will help you to find the Best Vinyl Siding Manufacturers.


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