Vinyl siding is the most popular substitute of Aluminum Siding. Vinyl siding curbs all the disadvantages of aluminum siding and has proved to become a good alternative. Vinyl sliding is more of a plastic siding. These kinds of siding are largely used in decoration. They enhance the overall show of the house. Apart from decoration purposes, vinyl siding is also used in weatherproofing. Weather proofing is done to protect the house walls from the adverse weather conditions from outside. During the recent times they have also been considered the alternative of another siding material which is called the fiber cement. Sidings made up of vinyl have also replaced sidings made up of fiber cement these days. Vinyl has been created chemically. Unlike other sliding materials, whose base components are natural, vinyl is a pure engineered product. It is made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin. This PVC resin is a man-made product created in laboratories with the help of chemicals.

With virtually no maintenance, vinyl siding is affordable, beautiful, and on 73% of homes in the US.
With virtually no maintenance, vinyl siding is affordable, beautiful, and on 73% of homes in the US.

It is a very popular siding option for residential spaces all around Canada and USA. Since vinyl is a chemical product, it will provide more gloss and shine to the overall look of the house where it is being installed. Vinyl sidings are available in very attractive colors, designs and patterns as well. Vinyl siding is the perfect combination of thickness and good material composition. Vinyl sidings are available in Cabin Board, Shakes, Scallops, Stone, Brick, etc. there are plenty of brands that manufacture and distribute vinyl sidings. You can choose the color and the size of the siding of your house and the same will be provided to you by these big manufacturing companies.

Choose the best Vinyl Siding Brands

Vinyl siding manufacturers are the ones which manufacture and distribute vinyl siding. These manufacturers are the ones that have ample knowledge about materials, colors, sizes and the thickness of the sheets of vinyl siding. These sheets can be cut and transformed into desirable patterns. They know it all. Some of the best brands that manufacture and distribute vinyl siding are CertainTeed, Georgia Pacific, Alside, Timbercrest, Mastic, Kaycan, Mitten, etc.

Vinyl Siding Brands

Vinyl siding is the most popular siding in the whole industry. It is the alternative of aluminum and fiber cement siding. Vinyl siding is available in different styles as well. They are available in 2 textures namely lapped wood and wood grain. There are different trim options too. Each brand many provide you different quality vinyl siding. It is up to you to choose the best kind of vinyl siding brand. You must choose the brand that gives you the most high quality and durable vinyl siding. You must also be careful with the budget when you are choosing the best brand from where you want to get the vinyl siding of your own house.

Brands of Vinyl Siding

Following mentioned are some vinyl siding brands:

  • Alcoa
  • Alsco
  • Alside
  • Bluelinx
  • Cellwood
  • Certainteed
  • Charter Oak
  • Crane
  • Durabuilt
  • Gentek
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Harbour Crest
  • Heartland
  • Jameshardie
  • Kaycan
  • Mastic
  • Mitten
  • Napco
  • Norandex
  • Omaha Door & Window
  • Owens Corning
  • Revere
  • Sears
  • Wolverine

These are some of the best vinyl siding companies in the business. These are the manufacturing companies that are the highest rated amongst all. Vinyl siding brand comparisons can be done within these brands on the basis of different criteria.


We have discussed about vinyl siding and the best brands that manufacture the best vinyl siding. If you choose the best products available in the market than there are strong chances that they serve you for a longer time. There are many brands and types to choose from and one can easily grab hold products as per their requirements. The vinyl sliding ratings are totally dependent on the brand you choose.


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