While installing the roof, first thing which comes in one’s mind is its colour. In today’s scenario where interior and exterior plays a major role in creating an impression of residential construction. So it is very important to select which is the best roof colour which you can apply to your roof.

Today many articles will give you suggestions regarding choosing the best roof colour. Roof colour should not just be dependent on your choice but should also be according to your house. Nowadays in world where many small things matters, colouring of roof stands like an important question.

Many color options are available to homeowners.
Many color options are available to homeowners.

Here are some tips which might help you in choosing best roof colour for your house

  • Overtly coloured roof suits best only on newly constructed house. For average or traditional house you should look for either plain or classy colours rather than choosing colours which attracts one’s eye.
  • If the styling of house is simple and plain, better choose dark neutral colour.
  • If your house is constructed of brick or stone, then you should be very careful in choosing colours of your roof as both colours are instated permanently, and if not matched properly can deploy the look of your house.
  • You should always observe the trends and follow them, as it will give you normal idea and sense of colour.
  • Many colours are energy efficient. Choosing light colours such as white, blue, light bronze, peach, if you live in a region that has hot climatic conditions.

Roof colour as per house colour

What is the best roof colour for red brick house

For red brick house you can choose colours which are light in shade as it will help your house to get a classic and cool look. You can also choose metal look for red brick house.

What is the best roof colour for orange brick house

Orange brick house roof should be same as for red brick house. As orange itself is shiny colour, thus black roof would also suit orange brick house.

Best roof colour for grey house

For grey house, you can use many different colours. Grey is dark colour and hence almost all colours can suit on the same.

What is the best roof colour for white house

Best roof colour for white house is dark colours as contrasting colours only suits on the house. The first impression that comes of your house is by the colour. And with white house, you must have dark colour roof which can contrast best with the same and give a classic look to your house.

Best roof colour for resale

With the many reviews taken by experts, best roof colour for resale is black. Many experts consider black as the choice of many. So it is highly preferred to install black roof colour if you are planning for resale. Just avoid black in regions where there is hotter climate.

What is the best roof colour for energy efficiency

Light colours are the best energy efficient colours. They can save up to 40% to 60% of your energy. Saving energy is the need of the hour many people opt for energy efficient colours and install roof with energy efficient colours.


There are many options of colour available in the market but choosing the best which can suit on your house is the question. Choosing contrasting colours is the best option experts suggest. If your roof and your house can best contrast each other in colour, then it can give your house a perfect descent classic look. Energy efficient colours are in demand today. Also with energy efficiency styling is important so identify the ongoing trends and go for it.


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