It is a critical requirement of basic house maintenance to keep the roof’s integrity protected. Once the roof shows a warning sign through a discovered roof leak or worse indicating that the roof needs repair, immediate actions should be taken. Preparing a budget for estimating the cost of roof repair can be challenging at times. Roof repair is not something that is usually dealt with on a regular basis. The actual cost depends on the average cost per square for roof replacement. Different online sites also provides data on roof replacement cost per square foot to repair different roof problems which is dependent on the type of roof. The basic cost ranges from $200 – $1700.

Causes of roof leaks

Flashing leaks

Having a leaky roof causes severe stress. Get it fixed today to protect your home from mold and further damage.
Having a leaky roof causes severe stress. Get it fixed today to protect your home from mold and further damage.

There are a variety of reasons for a roof leak, which can happen over the house’s lifetime.
Improper installation or cracking of flashing.

  • Leaks due to moisture
  • Bad or the absence of underlayment
  • Blown away or broken shingles.
  • Cracked or improper seal of valley
  • Roof leaks caused by ice-dams
  • Clogged gutters causing damage and leaks
  • Holes created by failed chimney flashing creates moisture passage

In such cases, water passes through leaks and finds its way potentially into the ceiling. In such cases immediate repair becomes a necessity. Its cost is dependent on the damage, say on an average the expense can be around $200 – $450.


When at times flashing is poorly installed on the roofs, blow offs occur. Reasons of blow offs can be:

  • Poor installation
  • Wrongly nailed
  • Damage by high winds.

Slate roofing or tiling can be an alternate to high winds but they break quiet easily. The cost of its repair can be from $190 – $350, depending on shingle’s type.

Roof Repair’s cost factor

Things to be considered while roof repair which can cause variations in prices are:

  • Roof type: the cost of repair is totally influenced by the type of roof. Materials involved in repair will also vary accordingly. Usually the type of roof slope and roofs with higher pitch costs higher in labor and material as compared with those with flat pitch.
  • Damage extent: damage repair will be dependent on time labor and the material required in completing the project. Small repairs do not cost much but major damages repair comes in a heavy budget with extra labor, time and material. So how much is it to replace a roof? For estimating the cost of roof replacement, square foot of the roof along with the damage effect has to be calculated. This provides measures for roofing material required in the repair. The leftover materials can also be saved and used for any other repair.
  • Chimney and skylights: incase if the roof is installed with antiques or unique pieces like chimneys and skylights and is a damaged roof, it can add up to the repair cost. The antiques will have to be repaired or even replaced. This will add up to the total budget set for the roof repair. It will consume extra time, labor and material. Extra $200-$500 can be added to the total budget.


Hence, average cost of roof repair on an average can be from $150 – $2000. The repair depends on how bad the damage is and on what type of ceiling the damage has been caused. Avoiding the additional cost, only the repair of roof can be in this range.


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