Asphalt roofing shingles are most widely used for roofing or covering on residential belongings. The main purpose of asphalt roofing shingle is to act as a water resistant agent. Asphalt adds up to the overall strength by holding up the granules in their places.

Asphalt roof shingles cost is also low. It is very economical and comparatively installation is also simple. Today with asphalt roof shingles reviews, many people are likely to install the asphalt roof. Many building-product manufacturers too market asphalt roof shingles. Asphalt roof shingle lifespan helps such roof to stay in competition.

Asphalt roof shingles types

Asphalt roof shingles are of 2 types: Fibreglass and organic


Shingles have a wide color option.
Shingles have a wide color option.

It is made of a layer of woven glass fibre reinforcing mat. The layer is covered with waterproof coating of asphalt and it is topped with ceramic granules that save the product from various harmful UV radiations. Asphalt provides durability to the roof. Now the composition of fibre mat is such that less asphalt is used. Less the asphalt means more lighter the weight. Also with the less use of asphalt, the roof can be much thinner than before.


Organic asphalt roof shingles are much heavier than fibreglass asphalt roof. With more content of asphalt in organic, roof shingles becomes much heavier and thicker. With the felt paper recycling traditional organic roof was prepared. Ceramic granules are embedded with asphalt adhesive in organic. With more of content of asphalt in traditional organic asphalt roof comparable to fibreglass, the same becomes much costlier and also less environment friendly. Organic as has more of asphalt content is volatile and comparatively it can catch fire easily.

With the change in time, asphalt roof now comes in many different colours and styles. It is not easy to identify the type of shingle you have installed.

Such fine finishing can be given with asphalt roof shingle. It is available in various plain colours as well as in textures. Many different options are available today in market with it. The average cost for installing coloured asphalt roof shingle material is 0.80$ to 1.90$ for a square foot. Guarantees are provided by many asphalt roof shingle manufacturers but they won’t cover if it was not properly installed. There are many trusted manufacturers available in market. You just need to choose right material and identify trusted manufacturer for long life of your roof. Warranties given by manufacturers mostly cover curling of shingle or cupping.


Asphalt roof shingles can be installed directly over old shingles. And this is also one of the reasons of its demand. With the advantages like light weight, affordable, ease in installation and also varieties available are the major factors for the demand. Asphalt roof shingles has more of disadvantages then advantages. Installing the best asphalt roof shingles under the guidance of a professional is always recommended.


  • If roof shingles are installed below freezing temperature, then shingles easily gets damaged.
  • Asphalt roof shingle also doesn’t work best when you have attic area ventilation.
  • If you have opted for cheap asphalt roof, then it is dangerous in high winds.
  • Shingles work best in colder regions but are not practically recommended for hotter regions.
  • Regular care is required with asphalt roof shingles, repair and maintenance is must before rain and snow for avoiding accidents.
  • Asphalt roof material are petroleum products and are not environment friendly


Asphalt roof shingles are light weighted and require less investment. But with asphalt, regular maintenance is a must and it is not recommended for region having heavy wind, rain or snow. If you keep the Asphalt shingles well maintained than they can surely serve you for a longer period of time.


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