There are enormous material options for getting a good roof on your house. You can either get a simple flat or you can get a shingled roof. There are many options available. When you decide to get a shingled roof, the next step would be deciding what kind of shingles you would want on your roof. You will have to decide the shape, color, size and the design pattern that you want for your shingled roof. Another option related to shingles is getting you customized architectural shingles. Architectural shingles are also called dimensional or laminated asphalt architectural shingles. The most popular kind of architectural shingles are asphalt architectural shingles. What we need to know is that how to install architectural shingles. Architectural shingles are mainly made up of asphalt.

Shingles Installation

Architectural shingles are quick and easy way to boost curb appeal.
Architectural shingles are quick and easy way to boost curb appeal.

The basic specialty of these architectural shingles is that it gives a very attractive overall look to your roof. Architectural shingles provide a stunning an attractive three dimensional look to your roof. Since they are laminated they will save your roof from all the climatic conditions and provide a nice look to your house. They are available in attractive textures and patterns. You can choose any kind of architectural shingle that you like. Architectural shingles mostly comprise of the three tab shingles. The difference is that these architectural shingles are made up of a heavier base mat. They are treated with good quality coating material so they prevent algae build up on the roof shingles.

Roof shingles Installation

Installing architectural shingles first row properly is very important. When you have placed the first row of the architectural shingles correctly, laying architectural shingles in the next following rows is easy and hassle free. When you lay the first row, you set a pattern for the next following rows of architectural shingles. The way you install architectural roof shingles is as same as installing asphalt shingles. You can follow the below mentioned steps if you intend to do it yourself.

  • First of all gather all the safety gear for yourself and wear them (overalls, gloves, non- slippery shoes).
  • Collect all the material like architectural shingles, nails, hammer and a utility knife.
  • First of all be very careful when you are laying the first row of these architectural shingles.
  • After that you must place the next layer of architectural shingles with reference of the previous row.
  • Be very careful when you are fitting nails with the help of a hammer on to the architectural shingles on the roof.
  • Repeat the same process on the whole roof for installing architectural shingles on the whole roof.

Dimensional shingles Installation

Installing shingles on the roof is a time taking job. It is time taking because there is a lot of measurement and precision involved. This is the reason why expert labor is hired to install shingles on the roof. The whole roof has to be measured first. And then the dimension of the shingle is taken. All the calculation is done first and then it is decided how many architectural shingles are required for lying on the whole roof and covering it. Laying architectural shingles require special equipment and tools.


We have discussed mainly about architectural shingles. We have talked in detail about what are architectural shingles. We have also discussed the difference between normal shingles and architectural shingles. Now you know how to install architectural shingles and dimensional shingles installation as well. Keeping all these points in mind will always help you to make your roof attractive and live long.



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