A metal roof is a roof that is made up of metal. Installing a metal roof is a very interesting option for a roof. Metal roofs are light weight and they provide a lustrous and shiny overall look to the appearance of the house. A metal roof is very easy to install and it is absolutely fuss-free to maintain. Metal roofs are very economical because they are very cheap. Metal sheets are cut into panels of different sizes as per the desired requirements. These panels are cut with respect to the size of the roof.

Minimum pitch for metal roof

Metal roofs look good on any house as they can be painted in any color.
Metal roofs look good on any house as they can be painted in any color.

The metal roof needs a pitch to be installed. A pitch is basically a vertical support which is given to the roof so that it provides a perfect angle and an attractive elevation to the roof of the house. The main purpose of a pitch is to change the direction of water and snow. That means the greater pitch is being provided to house roofs where there is heavy rainfall or heavy snowfall.

Pitch required for metal roof

The minimum pitch required to install a metal roof depends upon the area and climatic conditions of the place where the house is being built. It is generally 1/12 of the total width of the house. This is the minimum measurement of the pitch of a roof. Providing the right pitch for the roof of your house is very important. The right pitch gives the right look to your house and also protects your house. Additionally it prevents rain water and snow to accumulate on it.

Minimum slope for standing seam metal roof

A standing seam metal roof also has the minimum pitch requirements as the normal pitched metal roof. There are various types of standing seam metal roof for instance one is a standing seam metal roof slope and another one is slow slope standing seam metal roof. Low slope metal seam roof are long lasting and very durable as they lasts long for years. They have a very low life cycle cost that means that having your roof installed with this kind of pitch will be the most economical option for yourself. This kind of pitch provides better resistance against storms and strong winds. The slow slope pitches are very easy to install as the structure made by this pitching is very string and durable. Since it is a slow slope structures the chances of it getting damaged by any natural calamity is very low. The structure made out of a low slope standing seam metal roof is very reliable structure. Metal itself is a very durable option for a roof.


We have discussed the minimum pitch requirement of the roof of a house. We have also discussed which pitch option will be the most suitable out of all the other options. We have also discussed that the pitch of a roof of the house is also responsible for determining the life expectancy of the roof. We have also discussed that which kind of roof pitch is economical for you, may it be a shingled, tiled, slate or a metal roof, all kinds of roof material needs appropriate pitching before getting installed on the roof of the house. We have also discussed that a pitch is also responsible in determining whether the structure is disaster prone or not. The pitch of the slope of the roof prevents against the heavy pressure of strong winds and storms as well.


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