The roof of a house is the most important part. The roof is responsible for saving you from all the adverse climatic effects. A good ad strong roof makes you feel secure. There are many kinds of roofs. The most common type of roof is a flat roof. A tar and gravel roof is a kind of a flat roof. This kind of roof consists of layers of asphalt. It also contains multiple layers of tar paper and gravel. This type of roof comprises of many layers, out of which one is a waterproof base layer. Also one is a surface layer which contains mineral aggregate in it. Nowadays more durable materials are being used in making the different layers of a tar and gravel roof. Therefore for each different layer of a tar and gravel roof, a wide variety of materials can be used.

Importance of Repairing Tar and Gravel Roof

Tar and gravel roofs are a popular choice for commercial buildings.
Tar and gravel roofs are a popular choice for commercial buildings.

Every roof has its own capacity and time span. After a certain time a roof is not durable enough to sustain all the pressure and tension the climatic conditions put on to it. The most high priority topic of concern here is that tar and gravel roof last how long. In case of a tar and gravel roof the life expectancy or the total time span may range from about 20 to 25 years. After this time period this roof certainly needs a repair or may be a replacement too. Tar roof repair DIY can also be an option and flat roof repair is fairly very important. Repairing a tar and gravel roof can be a quite tedious and effort taking task but it is important too. There may be many complexities while repairing a tar and gravel roof.

One option is that layers of more tar paper and gravel are added on to the flat roof repair it. This is not a long lasting and durable option mainly because a tar and gravel roof does not work very nicely when this roof has a lot of layers on it. The new layer of tar and gravel over the old one will always be at constant risk. This will be so because upon the old layer the probability of the new layer getting damaged even from a minor climatic change is very high. It will be at a higher risk of getting damaged always.

There are more alternatives too. If you are looking for optimum and long lasting results all you have to do is resort to a more permanent and efficient method. You must consider replacing the entire roof with a brand new roof of Tar paper and Gravel.

Tar and Gravel Roof Repair Cost

Repairing a tar and gravel roof takes a lot of time and effort. To mention, the total cost of replacing an entire roof also includes the cost of supplies, tools, materials, special equipment and labor. This can also result in making a big hole in your pocket.

Tar and Gravel Roof Replacement

The most permanent solution to this problem is to replace your old roof with a brand new tar and gravel roof. With the advancement of technology and the introduction of new and improved durable adhesive materials, there are a wide variety of materials than can be equipped in the layers of your roof. For a long lasting roof, you should consider a replacement for sure.


We have discussed in detail about a tar and gravel roof. We have also discussed what material it is made up of and about the repairing as well as the replacement options for this kind of a roof. Always keep in mind that proper maintenance of the roof can make it serve you for longer time.


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