If you have roof damage, you might be wondering if your insurer will cover it. The most commonly asked question in this matter is “can I claim my insurance for a leaking roof”? Most of the policies guarantee to pay for the conditions covered under a damaged roof from a fallen tree. Roof leak damage is different. Leaking roof caused due to wear and tear comes in a different category. Damage caused due to inevitable aging is not covered under homeowners insurance. The insurance company is not liable to pay for such damage or for maintaining the working order of the house. For the negligence of not keeping the house in good shape, insurer or the insurance company is not liable for the aftereffect.

Check your home owner's insurance to find how much your deductible is and what is covered.
Check your home owner’s insurance to find how much your deductible is and what is covered.

An easier method to find out what is covered under leaking roof insurance claim is to contact the insurance company under which the claim is registered. It is important to know the specifications of the policy. Roof leaking insurance coverage will be dependent on the age of the roof, the locality of the house, the total effect of damage and many other factors. Homeowner insurance policy usually provides coverage under the unpreventable reasons like fire or vandalism.

Types of Damages

Exterior damage

Damages by natural disasters, called the “acts of god,” like hurricanes and flood, are all covered. A question always comes to mind: “will homeowners insurance cover a leaking roof due to wind, rain and hails?” The damage caused on the house determines the amount of reimbursement. Same logic is applied on the roof and rest of the exterior property. Damage on the exterior part of the house as well as the roof is covered under such circumstances.

Interior damage

Potentially, interior damage of the roof causes leak which affects that whole area ruining furniture, destroying carpets and ruining the floor. At times leaks due to aging usually recovers the house’s interior portion under the home insurance claim.

Filing claims

In case of a minor damage, filing claims is not sensible. If the insurer denies accepting the claim, there is a certain cost for reporting the problem to the insurer, which seems worthless. Market Watch reports that, incase the damage amount is less than the deductible, it is particularly a bad idea to file a claim. The insured won’t see any money or recovery.

Still if the insured is unsatisfied, they are advised to call the insurer promptly. The insurance company will send one of their staff member for inspection to access the damage. Pictures and videos of the damage are of a great use to claim the damage from the insurance company. It is also advised that nothing related to the damage or the asset should be thrown away. Itemizing the damage and keeping a record of everything helps a lot.

Occasionally maximum houses require maintenance of roof after a certain period of time, usually after 20 years of house’s construction. If regularly the house is maintained, it won’t require any repair or claim form the insurance company. In case of water damage, same conditions are applicable.


Hence everything is material and fact based. It depends on the reason for roof leak. If the roof leak is caused due to covered peril damage, the damage can be claimed and covered under the insurance policy. Leaking roof insurance claim made due to ageing of roof and carelessness of the owner, the damage cannot be claimed. It is a maintenance issue which has to be maintained by the house owner. Sudden accidental loss in roof can be covered under Home Insurance Policy.


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