Roof eaves are basically the edges of a roof. These edges overhang the face of a wall. They are projected at a place at the side of the building which is beyond the actual wall of the building. Eaves are a very sensitive part of the roof. An eave is created on a roof to prevent the rain water from hitting the covered surface of the wall. These eaves are well decorated. Installing such eaves give a nice look to the house. The main purpose of getting your house roof equipped with an eave is to protect this particular junction where the roof meets the wall. An eave is likely to get damaged. Therefore repairing this eave should be the first priority after finding out the damage.

Things to be kept in mind while Repairing roof eave

Roofing eaves are a vital part of the roof system.
Roofing eaves are a vital part of the roof system.

Roof eave repair is very important and it should be done with utmost precision. If the roof eaves are severely damaged and they cannot be fixed with normal repairing, replacing roof eaves of a house is the only option. Replacing eaves on a house is the only alternative left if repairing the damage is not enough. Apart from breakage and wreckage on the roof eave by normal climatic exposure, eaves can also get rotted. Rotted eaves can be repaired. Rotted eaves should be replaced if repairing them is not an option. Eaves replacement is an option that should be considered if repairing does not help.

How to repair rotting eaves

Here are some steps to repair rotted eaves.

  • First of all equip yourself with all the safety gears.
  • Inspect the roof carefully. Check all the roof eaves with utmost precision. If it is not possible to climb on the roof and inspect the eaves, try another alternative. Take a hose pipe and run some water on your roof. This way you will be able to find all the damages done on the roof eave.
  • When you spot the damage, put a patching if any leaks are found. Repairing eaves and overhangs is very important with the help of patching.
  • First of all we must remove the shingle mold where the roof eave is damaged. Be careful not to break the adjacent shingles and molds of the roof.
  • After you extract the mold, repair it with patching and fir it back to the roof and complete the process of roof eave.

Replacing rotted eaves

We should also understand how to install wood soffit and fascia. Replacing rotted eaves is important and must be done with care. There are some useful steps that you can take into consideration when you are about to replace rotted roof eaves.

When you spot the rotted eave, you must take off the damaged mold of the eave. A roof eave is placed with the help of a wood soffit. This soffit is first installed on the roof and then after that a mold is fitted on to the soffit.

The eave is then installed on the mold and they are all fitted to the edge of the roof.
When there is severe damage to the roof eave you must replace the eave.
In order to replace an eave you must install a new woof soffit and fascia if required.


We have discussed about roof eaves. We have discussed what are roof eaves? What all steps you should take to repair or replace rotted eaves. Rotted or damaged eaves need to be repaired, and if repairing will not serve our purpose we must replace the rotted roof eave.


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