Metal shake roofing are designed for giving immense beauty to your roof. With beauty, metal shake roofing provides durability and maximum strength to your roof. Metal shake roofing comes with HD colours and smooth finish that gives a classic finish to your roof. With the available many colour options now with metal shake roofing, it provides a class to your house. With the installation of metal shake roofing, impression of your old house can be changed to a classic one.

Metal shake roof cost

Metal shake roofs look good on any property.
Metal shake roofs look good on any property.

There are many types of metal shake roofing available in the market like Decra shake, Metro shake, Sentry shake, Iron wood metal shake roofing, Arrow line metal shake roofing, Enhanced arrow line shake, Kassel wood shake and many. Each type of metal shake roofing has different qualities. With the change in qualities, these metal shake roofing prices too are different. Approximately materials are available in 150$ per sq. excluding the labour and overhead charges. With the increase in quality of the material of metal shake roofing, prices too increase. Now a question in your mind will arise that how much does metal shake roofing cost?

Metal shake roofing prices as described before are different for different materials of metal shake roofs. It is said that metal shake roofing has high prices but when you would be counting the advantages you will have with it, your outlook might change. By observing many metals shake roofing reviews, I am quite sure that investing in metal shake roofing is worth. Light weight, energy efficient, fully recyclable, maximum strength and durability are the properties of metal shake roofing.

Metal shake roofing advantages

With the advancement in metal shake roofing, now you don’t have to care about roof weight. Metal shake roofing now comes with light weight. Also with the weight, metal shake roofing helps in saving almost 40 percent of the energy of your house. You might have observed drastic climate changes from past. These changes can only be controlled if we start taking care of nature. Installation of metal shake roofing can be the first step towards it. As with the same, energy is saved and also it is recyclable. Not just for nature, but also for you. Metal is an asset.

So installing it might need investment but it will also give you return in near future, then too after using the same. Also once you have installed metal shake roofing, you should forget about the maintenance cost. Metal shake roofing if installed properly doesn’t need high investment at least before 30years. Investing in metal shake roofing not only gives your house a classic touch but also frees you from reinvesting in it.

Type of metal shake roofs – Steel shake roofing

Steel shake roofing provides a very descent, vintage as well as standard look to your house. Steel shake roofing also protects your roof from various natural calamities like strong wind, rain and ice. Installing it also decreases the sound during rain that you get in traditional roofing. Many people don’t opt for metal roofing just for the sound that comes from roof. But with steel shake roofing that problem too gets diminished. Metal roofing tiles are ideal for coastal climates. These are available in various different colours and sizes. You can choose roofing tiles according to your need and budget.

Conclusion Metal shake roofing are worth your investment. With it you can give your house a descent, classic look. Metal shake roofing also saves energy and is recyclable. Today this is the need of nature. Light weight, durability and almost no maintenance cost are the pros of metal shake roofing. Con being high investment, which too is covered by returns after years, metal shake roofing is now the demand.


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