Metal roofing is nowadays preferred over shingled roofs. This is so because of some of the following reasons.

  1. Metal roof is easy to maintain as compared to shingles roof.
  2. The installation process of a metal roof is easier and simpler than a shingled roof.
  3. The cost of roof shingles is higher than metal roofing. Therefore metal roofing is an economical option as compared to a shingled roof.
  4. Metals are bio degradable and recyclable. Metal roofing is more eco-friendly than roof shingles.
  5. As compared to shingles, metal roofing is available in a lot of color and patterns. They are available in plain, metallic and acrylic textures.

Guidelines to Metal Roofing Installation

Metal roofing is very easy and simple to install. Here is an instruction guide on how to install metal roofing. With the help of these simple steps you can install your own metal roof.

  • Metal roofs last for 50 or more years.
    Metal roofs last for 50 or more years.

    The first step is to accumulate the safety gear. Gloves, overalls and good shoes. You must wear all these before you start your work.

  • Then accumulate all the necessary material, like metal sheets or metal panels, hammer nails, utility knife, adhesive, etc. also be careful to do all this work on a good sunny day. You must choose a day with good weather conditions to do this work.
  • Then the next step would be to measure the entire area which is to be covered by metal roofing material.
  • Getting the perfect measurement of the whole area is very important.
  • Now prepare the whole work area, like installing a ladder and setting up all your material.
  • Remove the old roofing if it is there. Be very careful to start removing the old roofing from the highest point on the roof. Start removing all the old roofing material and accumulate it a definite space so that you can collect it back for disposing it off.
  • Next you must be very sure that all the old material has been isolated from the roof.
  • Next up look for damages on the roof. Repair them if there are any.
  • Next up cover your roof with an insulation layer. This insulation layer will prevent the moisture to get stuck between the sheathing and the metal roof. Secure the insulation layer with the help of nails and a hammer.
  • Then start placing the metal strips vertically and start securing them properly with the help of nails and hammer. Be sure that the metal strips that you place overhang with the actual perimeter of the roof.
  • Next up add a flashing to the joints where the different sections of the roof meet. A flashing is basically a metal trimmer which is used to trim the not required metal pieces from the edges.

Installing steel roofing

Tin roof installation instructions are as same in case of the metal roofing installation. The only difference would be the difference in material, which are metal sheets and tin sheets.

Another kind of metal roofing available in DIY metal roofing. DIY metal roofing installation will also follow the same set of instructions.

How to install corrugated metal roofing

Another kind of metal roofing is steel roofing panels. So we must discuss how to install steel roofing panels on a roof.

The installation procedure is as same is installing a metal roofing.


We have discussed a step wise instruction guide on how to install metal roofing. We have also discussed that different kinds of metal roofing that follow almost the same procedure, but the difference is just the type of metal material. You can easily choose the best one as per your requirement and install it by yourself or with the help of a professional.


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