Installing a metal roof on a house over shingles not only helps to give a new look to your old existing roof but it also provides your roof a long life. Metal roof installation depends on the type of shingles you have on your roof. It is comparatively easy to install metal on a single layer of shingle. If you have double layer of shingle or more, you possibly need to contact professionals or should first take out all the shingles and then should install metal roof over shingles.

Metal roof installation cost is comparatively high depending on the type of metal and design but the same lasts for 3 to 4 times longer than asphalt or non metal roofing. So if we compare metal roof installation with non-metal in durability, metal roof obviously pays off as you are not worried about maintenance. With asphalt, where replacement and repaired charges are always present too very frequently, metal roofing costs less than asphalt in the long run. Also with metal roofing, you get up to 35 percent insurance discounts.

Metal roofs give houses a very distinct look from a variety of colors.
Metal roofs give houses a very distinct look from a variety of colors.

Standing seam metal roof installation is the way of installing of metal in which metals are attached with seam. This type of roof is installed basically with overlapping of water tight and is done with special tools. Standing seam metal roof installations should be done with professional as it requires special skills and precision.

How to install metal roof panels

Before installing a metal roof panel make sure your first panel are to be installed in square and the rest of the panels will follows. Drilling holes in the panel will make it easier in getting the screws line straight. Getting screws straight means you are going right with the installation process. You should pre drill 10 stacks of panel at a time for right metal roofing. You can use chalks for marking the panel and other details but use right colour of chalk which can wash away with rain like blue. Cutting the panel should be done very effectively; you should get high finish ends for better roofing. Cutting it with box cutter and then bending it back and forth helps you to get proper finish end. You can also use many market available tools which produce a clean edge after cutting. Now adjust the metal panels and tighten the screws but make sure that you don’t over tighten them. If you have less experienced with the tool, try first on rough panel so as to adjust your hands. Do not let yourself waste metal panel. Metal will have sharp edges so take precautions while working with it. You can use rubber gloves available in market while working with the same for safety purposes.

How to install tin roof panels

For tin roofing panels, you first need to select the type of tin you want to use on your roof top. Basically there are 2 types of tin available in market. One is R-panel and second is V-crimp style. You don’t need screws and expertise in installing V-crimp style of tin.

Installation of R-panel is little more complex than V-crimp as it requires 4-15 inch lap screws. Height and width should be calculated before hand for ordering roof panels. You should also add 2 to 3 inches in tin roof panel for projection. With the measurements buy your tin panel. Tin roof panel also requires your old shingles to be removed. In tin roofing, base of roof should be aligned, if not use tar paper and make it in line. Apply slat boards so as to provide base to tin and with strong base tightened with screws, you can now apply the tin. Just take care of the edges, nail them with hammer for better metal edging. Adjust the tin properly and with proper markings and cut along the edges. And you are ready with you tin roof.

How to install steel roofing

Steel roofing now is in trend and, in many countries, people have opted for the same. Steel roofing installation is almost same as installing metal roofing. Steel roofing is not complicated but can be done best by professionals.


Considering all the costs including all the future costs like maintenance and not just retail cost of material and installation, installing a metal roof is a profitable deal. It gives a long life service and is also robust to almost all the climates. If takes good care and given right time maintenance it can go on for years.


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