To shingle a roof means to put shingles on a roof. Shingles are individual overlapping rectangular shaped elements. These rectangular elements are generally flat and laid in a manner that they overlap each other when placed on the roof. Roof shingles are made up of various materials like, wood, metal, fiber cement, plastic. Another composite material out of which shingles are made up of is Asphalt. There are a wide variety of roof shingles. You can choose the one which you like and then install it on your flat roof or on your shed. You can also install shingles on your dog house. We shall be discussing further how to install shingles on a dog house. Shingles can be of different kinds of materials like asphalt, fiber, cement etc.

The costing depends upon many factors and can be different for various types of shingles. Climatic conditions are the major factors for such changes in the costing.

The other major factors are tools involved in the installation and the amount of labor that is required to make the roof. You must keep in mind all these factors while calculating costing for various types of shingles before installing them. This may bring down your budget significantly if you get hold of a better option than your prior choice.

Commonly used shingle types

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Fiberglass Shingles
  • Organic Shingles
  • Wood shingles
  • Slate Shingles
  • Solar Roof Shingles

How to Put Shingles on A Shed

There are some roofing instructions that have to be taken care of wile laying roof shingles. Different types of roof shingles have different specifications to follow.

  • First of all choose the right kind of shingles that are to be installed on your shed. You should keep in mind the climate of the place you are living in.
  • Then make a list of the estimated materials. What all material and supplies you need for the installation process. Gather all your resources to have a perfect shingling roof.
  • You must decide how many layers of shingles you want you install on your shed. Measure the size of your shed and decide how many layers of what size will be installed on your shed.
  • Measure the singles and apply lines of chalk on the roof.
  • Then from the chalk line, start placing the shingles. Make sure the shingle is properly fitted on the roof by applying 4 nails on to it.
  • Repeat these steps for the whole roof. When you are giving layers to your roof, keep it fixed and tight by applying some more extra nails wherever they are needed.

How to Put shingles on A Roof Valley

You must be extra careful when you are installing or placing shingles at a point where the roof is making some angles. Just like that of a valley. If the shingles are not installed properly at these areas then there can be leaks which may cause problems. You just have to be very careful while placing shingles in a valley by following the above mentioned steps. Also when you have to install shingles on a dog house you just have to properly follow the above written steps.


We have discussed about the steps of installing shingles on your roof. We have also discussed how we can install shingles in a valley of the house roof and also how to install shingles on a dog house as the procedure of installation is almost the same. There are various types of shingles and you can choose the best option as per the requirement.


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