gutterless rain guttersThere are a lot of myths related to gutless rain gutters. They claim to help you get rid of all the water from your roof. They claim to remove all the water from your roof faster than the other traditional gutter systems that comprise gutter guards. It is said that the gutterless rain gutters do not let the gutters clog by all the leaves and debris. A gutterless rain gutter is basically a kind of gutter which does not have that much collection or storage space for the water to accumulate. This is the reason it is referred to as gutterless. These gutters are equipped with a plate system. This plate system is then attached to the roof directly. This plate system is designed differently than the traditional gutter and gutter guard systems. This plate breaks up into different individual channels, and they do not let the rain water accumulate into the gutter.

As soon as there is water on the roof, it will enter this gutterless rain gutters and disperse into streams and directly be sent into the ground just like the conventional gutters. Since there is very little opening in this kind of gutter system just enough to let the rain water enter the gutter, no leaves or other debris will enter in this gutter. And there will be no clogging in this kind of gutter. With this kind of plate system you can collect and harvest all the rain water. You can store the water and then use it to water your shrubs and plants that are under the gutterless rain gutters.

The Gutterless Rain Gutters

Options and Factors influencing its installation

It is very difficult to decide whether this gutterless rain gutter will work as it is mentioned. According to its design its operation may sometimes not be like it is said to be. There are some myths regarding gutterless rain gutters as well. Although it is said that there is no clogging in these kind of gutters but there is no proof or evidence that confirms this fact without using this particular product. You may often be impressed with the sales person talking and then you buy the product without actually weighing its pros and cons. You must be careful when you are buying such products. The reason is that these products are not those kinds of things that you buy frequently. These are products that go on for years and that is the reason you should be wise enough to think about each aspect related to this product and then buy it.

There may be clogging in the small pores of this gutterless rain gutter system. As we have discussed the plate system will disperse into different streams and therefore resulting in small channels. These small channels can be clogged with anything. It may also happen that these small pores can freeze during the winter season. These are surely options that are alternate to roof gutters but gutter alternative products should be bought after a good research. It is very much clear that what do gutters do, but we must be careful while we buy gutter alternative products. We must see if these alternative products and solve the need of a gutter or not.

Gutterless Rain Gutters Installation

A gutterless rain gutter is not at all easy to install. As discussed it is equipped with an elaborate plating system, installing a gutterless rain gutter should be left to the professionals only.


We have discussed about gutterless rain gutters. We have discussed its working and all the other factors that make it an alternative to roof gutters. It is amazing if you install it properly. Taking professional advice is always recommended in this case.


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