golf cart garage doorGolf cart garage doors are the kind of doors that do not need a great space, as the name suggests these doors can fit in a very small and compact space. You must opt for this option when you don’t want to have something elaborate and big in size. Also when you have a very small space you can opt for these kinds of garage doors. As their name suggests they are just as small as golf carts. They are very small and compact in size. These doors can also be used to cover sheds and garages of small size. A very big plus point of these doors is that they are cheap. Just like other garage doors these garage doors are also generally made up of stainless steel. This is so because stainless steel is a durable material. With that it is relatively cheap as well. The installation is simple as it is golf cart size garage door.

The small and sleek Golf Cart Garage Doors

There are several reasons why a golf cart garage door is an excellent and ideal choice for all kinds of garages and sheds. They are:

  • These golf cart garage doors are made up of stainless steel which itself is a very durable material.
  • Stainless steel is a relatively durable and cheaper material as compared to other material which are used to make garage doors.
  • Stainless steel is a material which does not bend very easily. This is the reason why golf cart garage doors are made up of stainless steel. These doors will be able to resist all the climatic conditions that are outside the door and will be able to guard the premises it is installed in.
  • Golf cart garage doors ca also be made up of wood and vinyl if the user desires. The doors made up of wood will be relatively expensive as compared to stainless steel.
  • Golf cart garage door if are made up of good quality material and is installed properly then they will be good and intact for a very long time.
  • The most important plus point of golf cart garage doors is that they are very compact and fit in whichever space is available.

Golf cart garage door cost

The total cost of a golf cart garage door depends upon the material it is made up of. If the golf cart garage door is made up of stainless steel, the cost of the door will be less than the one which is made up of wood. The golf cart garage door which is made up of wood is costlier than the one made up of stainless steel. The total cost of the golf cart garage door depends upon all the factors like material, supplies, equipment, labor, etc. all these factors sum up to make the total cost budget of getting golf cart garage door fully installed.

Golf cart garage dimensions

The dimensions of a golf cart garage door are different in very space it is installed in. may it be a garage of any size or a shed the dimensions vary differently. There are some standard sizes in which these kinds of doors are available. These sizes are 5X7 feet, 6X7 feet, 5X8 feet and 6×8 feet. These sizes ca vary as door sizes are different for each commercial or residential space.


We have discussed about golf cart garage doors. We have discussed what all materials are used to make these doors. The golf cart garage door prices and installation in your commercial or residential space depends on various factors and one must keep them in mind while calculating the overall expenses.


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  1. I am adding a shed on the back of my place and would like the 5 x 7 golf cart garage door.
    Can you send me a price which would include shipping.

  2. What is your price for a 6×7 garage door? If there are different priced ones, your cheapest non-insulated one and your cheapest insulated one would be nice. I will be installing it inside, between a climate controlled shop and a non-climate controlled 2-car garage in Wendell, NC. I can pick it up from your location closest to Raleigh.

  3. I need a price on a 5×7 garage door both stainless steel and wood.

  4. I need a price on a 5×7 garage door both stainless steel and wood
    to replace existing one.

  5. I need a price on a 5’ by 7’ garage door for a golf cart to attach to wood.

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