commercial garage doorsGarage doors are a very important utility in a garage. They are the most important utility actually. Without a garage door the garage will not be complete. May it be a commercial garage or may it be a personal one at your house, fitting it with the right door is very important. A garage door can be of two types. Either it can be operated automatically with the help of remote or you can operate it manually. It is very important to fit the right kind of door in your garage. When we talk about commercial garages, we know that they are certainly different from the ones which are there in our houses. The garages that are made up in residential spaces are mostly small in size. They are just big enough to accommodate one or two cars.

Or if there is a more high class and elaborate garage, it will be accommodating a few cars. But when it comes to commercial garages they are really huge. Commercial garages have the capacity to store a lot of vehicles and locomotives.These is the ones that are massive and huge. They are especially found in big industries and companies. With these garages having such a massive storage space, the door to guard all the stuff inside shall also be at the same level.

The door should be strong, durable and perfect. Commercial garage doors are basically big sized doors that have different operating mechanisms. There are doors which are operated manually with the help of buttons or axial. Also there are other types of commercial garage doors that are operated automatically with the help of a remote or voice command or biometric access etc.

Commercial Garage Door Sizes and more

The commercial garage doors are huge in size. When they are the door to such massive storage they ought to be big in size. Business owners are very well versed with all types of sizes of these commercial garage doors. The most commonly used garage doors are the roll up garage doors. They are also called as shutters. These shutters roll up temporarily when the door is opened and then they roll down when the door is closed. Commercial garage doors are of the size 35X2 inches by width and 24X1 inch by height. This is the size of the standard commercial garage door available in the market. This size can definitely vary from different garages. You can also get your own customized garage door with the specific size of your garage door.

Industrial Garage Door Sizes

The industrial garage doors are not any different than the commercial garage doors. These garage doors are used in big industries as doors to their workshop, storage, factory etc. with such big areas, the doors also have to be large enough. The shutters or the roll up garage doors of these areas can be made with the help of specific measurement.

Large Garage Doors

It is often observed that people at their residences or their factories or industries tend to have huge and massive complexes. Door sizes here are very large. Large garage door sizes can also vary with every individual door.

Garage Door Size Chart

These commercial and industrial garage doors are triggered and operated by a spring which is fitted inside the garage door. This spring enables these doors to function properly. If this spring breaks, these garage doors will seize to operate.


We have mainly discussed about commercial garage doors. We have also discussed about the standard size of commercial and industrial garage doors available in the market. Choosing the door size as per requirement is very important and also proper installation procedure must be followed in order to use it for long life.

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