Gutters are lengthy, tapered tubes attached on the edges of the roof to collect the water from rains and drain them down away from the roots of the building. This ensures that water doesn’t seep into the basement and area near the walls doesn’t get waterlogged. Any waterlogging or seepage can have adverse effects on the structure of the building including rusting and wall dampening.

Let’s try to answer the basic question – what the use of gutter in the first place. Is it really as essential as it is made to sound like! Is it worth all the money, time and effort spent? Are they really beneficial?

Advantages and Use of Rain Gutters

Gutters are important structures installed in households given that

  • Obvious advantage is that they avoid water logging and prevent dampening or water seeping into the basement
  • Depending on the material and type used, they are relatively cheap and can be installed easily at home
  • Maintenance used to be a hassle but has becomes easy with the new tools introduced
  • Loose gutters can easily be replaced or hammered back into position
  • Can last anywhere from 10-50 years and hence are quite durable

Cons of installing Rain Gutters

The rain gutters surely have a flip side as listed below

  • Open gutters invite insects, leaves, dust and rubbish which can all cause overflow and blockages in the gutter.
  • They are susceptible to damage from animals, snow, ice, tree branches or heavy rains which can cause the gutter to droop away from the roof edges leading to seepage on the ground.
  • Maintenance of the gutters can be a highly cumbersome task given that it can be installed as high as 2 to 3 floors
  • Installation and maintenance can be expensive depending on the material used

Maintenance of Gutters

Generally the gutters are installed at a height which can’t be reached without climbing a ladder. Even if that’s done, how to achieve balance and clean the gutter without damaging any of the stakeholders involved! The Best Gutter Cleaning Tools are the ones which make this painful task relatively hassle free. Listed below is the gutter cleaning tool reviews:

  • Gutter Cleaning Applicator: this is used to clean the exterior of the gutter and can easily fit into any of the painter’s rods.
  • Vacuum Accessories: if the gutter contains just dry leaves or dust, it can easily be cleaned using these vacuum accessories fitted on the rod. These are curved and tweaked in such a way that there is no need to get onto the ladder.
  • Tongs: when the waste is quiet wet and vacuum doesn’t work, it can be cleaned using tongs that come fitted with a long handle.
  • Flusher: it acts as a power sprayer attached to the regular garden hosepipe which cleans the gutter using blast of water.

Arguably, the best gutter cleaner available in the market is a system which combines the power of flusher and a rotating brush. This featherweight pole is attached to a garden hosepipe or a wireless drill for using power of water or brushes respectively. It even has a camera mounted which can help us figure out the status of the cleaning effortlessly.

Gutter cleaning tools 2nd story

Most of the tools mentioned earlier can be used for gutter cleaning even at 2nd story with additional attachments. These attachments are pretty light weight and can be attached to regular garden pipes leading to inexpensive maintenance mechanism.


There is no denying that Gutter maintenance used to be an ungainly task which most of us looked to delay often but with the invention of these tools, this has become much simpler. There are gutter cleaning solutions available in the market which needs no maintenance at all but again, all of it comes at a cost.


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