Every unique design has it features and with it attached are their pros and cons. There are 15 types of roof for residential purposes. Gable, Hip, Mansard, Gambrel, Flat, Scallion and Lean to, Jerkin head, Butterfly, Bonnet, Salt box, Saw tooth, Curved, Pyramid, Dome and Combination.

Various types of barn roofs

barn roofGable roof will shed water and snow easily. Its design is simpler so comparatively it is cheaper than other complex roof styles. Such roofs can give problems in high winds and hurricanes. The roof can collapse if not properly constructed. Commonly there are 4 such roofs- Side gabble, Crossed gabble, Front gabble and Dutch gable roof.

Mansard roof also known as French roof is a low-pitched roof with double slopes. The lower slope in mansard roof is much steeper than the upper. Future home additions are possible with the mansard roof, so this roof is for the person who likes flexibility. This type of roof is not ideal for the areas having heavy snow fall.

Gambrel roof styles also known as Barn roof styles can be said similar to mansard roof as it too had got 2 different slopes. The basic difference between the two styles of roof is that gambrel has 2 sides, where as mansard has 4. Same as mansard, lower side of barn roof angles of slope is near about 70 degrees vertical steep. While the upper slope is much lower than it.
Gambrel roof style is used on barns and so commonly it termed as Barn gambrel roof. Though, it is also used for residential construction. Barn roof truss are not only seen on barns, log cabins and farm houses. They are also installed on Georgian styles and Dutch Colonial homes. Such roof provides you with much space. Many a times it is often used as living areas or bedroom.

Pros and Cons of roof types


Advantage of gambrel roof style is that it provides extra space plus framing of the same is simple. Along with gusset joints, the gambrel uses only two beams for roof. As very less barn roof materials is required in the construction and also as frame is simple. This is the reason why such roof cost is comparatively less than all other styles. Outdoor sheds and also storage buildings can be great example of space utilization of such roofs. It gives more of storage without taking up much space.


Disadvantages of such roof style is that it needs to be constructed precisely well and had to be maintained on regular basis. Also such roof is not recommended in regions where there is heavy wind, or significant snow fall.

A barn roof material varies with the design of the construction. Asphalt or slate shingles also wood are widely used. But using the metal will obviously cut down the maintenance required. Gambrel roof style is not suitable for regions of extreme weather. If have to use, then it should insist on reinforced barn roof trusses specially more on the upper pitch.


Gambrel roof style is basically used where space is the main objective. The extra provided space with it is the main pro of Gambrel roof style. Such roof styles are mostly installed at storage places. In residential constructions, such roofs are not too common but people who wants flexibility in future addition of floors in home or for temporary use or the ones who needs more of space highly prefer this. Gambrel roof is best preferred with metal as it won’t require much of attention. You need not have to check your roof on a regular basis if metal is used in such style of roof.


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